WorkAlign® Scheduler: Eastman Chemical – Integrated Planning & Scheduling to Drive Productivity Improvements

VIZIYA Customer, Eastman Chemical presented at SAP-Centric in Austin on Integrated Planning & Scheduling with VIZIYA.

Most companies today recognize the continuous need to increase productivity and reduce inefficiencies, particularly in maintenance, to remain competitive and successful. This is certainly true for Eastman Chemical. Eastman identified the lack of a fully integrated maintenance schedule at two of its large U.S. sites as a key next step in its productivity journey. This need was more acute at these large plant sites due to the complexities of scheduling shared maintenance resources between multiple operating areas with independent maintenance needs. Eastman chose to eliminate these silos by purchasing software that would interact with real-time data from the SAP PM module allowing schedulers to better communicate with each other and operations. This process helped drive the needed productivity improvements.

Join this session to learn from Eastman’s experience in:

  • Evaluating current maintenance operations
  • Identifying and ranking areas where productivity and efficiency improvements can be found
  • Evaluating and selecting what solutions are necessary to support the initiative
  • The importance of working with experienced and trusted partners to ensure the project is a success

Watch the Presentation here:

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