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Warranty claims typically represent 3% to 5 % of capital spending.

— Michael Currie, Warranty Expert Consultant


Fully integrated with SAP, WorkAlign Warranty Tracker allows you to track warranty and review potential vendor claims for reimbursement. The solution provides visibility for all warranted products, from the most expensive equipment to the less-expensive non-maintainable parts, and supports asset sub-assemblies that are covered under different warranty terms.


  • SAP Partner
  • SAP Certified – Integrates with SAP PM system in real-time
  • Significant cost savings – typical payback less than one year
  • Monitors maintenance work orders against warranty status
  • Tracks warranty status of systems, sub-assemblies, and/or parts
  • Multi-ERP | Multi-Instances

With extensive knowledge of SAP PM, Warranty Tracker tracks and identifies resources by item or asset level, then monitors activity through the warranty expiration date.   This allows users to manage warranties for assets which have sub-assemblies covered under different warranty terms. Terms may include calendar based warranty durations or any number of consumption-based measures, such as mileage, meter readings, or hours in service. Any single component or part, like an engine or transmission, can be assigned to as many terms and contracts as required.

Additional key features include visibility of existing work orders so that users can coordinate warranty-related work at the same time or detect patterns of failure. Also Warranty Tracker reconciles claims versus vendor payments received to provide up-to-date status and reporting.

Warranty Tracker can be up and running in just a few days. Easy, out-of-the-box delivery saves implementation time, money and effort, and speeds the time to ROI. Fixed implementation costs and scalable license pricing accommodate customers of all sizes. Additionally, going live with a single central repository for all warranty terms simplifies ongoing program administration.

WorkAlign Warranty Tracker is a completely web based application, with a seamless integration to your SAP system using native BAPI’s. Key Product Features:

  • Capture multiple Warranty Contracts against suppliers
  • Link multiple warranty coverages against a single warranty contract
  • Document coverage durations by calendar or by consumption
  • Link consumption coverages to the measurements points and document in SAP PM
  • Link warranty coverages to equipment, sub-assemblies and material without the need to serialize all components
  • Track warranty status of equipment, sub-assemblies, and/or material
  • Flag existing work orders for warranty eligibility on equipment and component/ spare level
  • Create the warranty claim document, against the Work Order and Functional Location/ Equipment
  • Document reasons why warranties against eligible work orders are not claimed, cancelled or rejected
  • Prioritize Warrantable Work Orders
  • Generate a warranty claim document and capture transactions against the warranty claims
  • Attach all supporting documents against Contracts and Warranty Claim Documents
  • Analyze warranty data such as supplier performance, warranty claim success per supplier & equipment type, warranty savings per period, reasons for non-claims, rejections, cancellations per supplier
  • Share warranty performance information to promote ongoing reliability analysis and equipment selection process improvements
  • Provide information needed to drive design and manufacturing quality improvements
  • Provide the information needed to improve vendor negotiations and selection
Screen Shot of VIZIYA's WorkAlign Warranty - ContractsScreen Shot of VIZIYA's WorkAlign Warranty - DashboardScreen Shot of VIZIYA's WorkAlign Warranty - Claim Form

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