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PotashCorp planners are able to take pictures, detail the issues, and save an estimated 30 minutes per work order in the field with VIZIYA Mobile. 

VIZIYA Services

VIZIYA’s professional consulting services, product implementations, world class support and training combine to ensure the greatest return on your EAM software investment.  We deliver Asset Management solutions drawing from our deep maintenance and software expertise across a variety of industries.

Warranty Tracker

The installation of VIZIYA’s Warranty Tracker is simple and easy. The most important part of the implementation of Warranty Tracker is inputting all your organization’s contracts and warranty information into the system. Given our experience with other Warranty implementations, we can help your organization focus on the asset warranties that will bring immediate return on investment from your software purchase. We can help you identify which assets are most in need of warranty tracking. Once this information is in the system, we then help your team learn how to use the software to reap the most benefits. 

Similar to other VIZIYA products, our Customer Adoption Team will accompany you throughout the adoption process. From the initial project kick-off session, to the actual on-site installation and setting up and customizing training programs for your users, we are with you every step of the way.

The VIZIYA Implementation Plan for Warranty Tracker follows our tested framework, which includes:

  • Project kick-off session
  • Planning and configuration
  • Installation and validation
  • Deployment and training
  • Go-live support and review

Specific top the Warranty Tracker, customers may want to include key players from the maintenance organization, purchasing and stores.


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