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PotashCorp planners are able to take pictures, detail the issues, and save an estimated 30 minutes per work order in the field with VIZIYA Mobile. 

VIZIYA Services

VIZIYA’s professional consulting services, product implementations, world class support and training combine to ensure the greatest return on your EAM software investment.  We deliver Asset Management solutions drawing from our deep maintenance and software expertise across a variety of industries.


VIZIYA’s WorkAlign Scheduler is easily installed and simple to use. What we at VIZIYA have learned after thousands of implementations worldwide, is that success is achieved by one factor: user adoption. A successful implementation is virtually guaranteed when your team members are working with the software and reaping the results.

We also understand that getting your users to this level can take time and a variety of methods. You can be assured that the VIZIYA Customer Adoption Team will guide and support you through the implementation process. From the initial project kick-off session to the actual on-site installation and setting up and customizing training programs for your users, we are with you every step of the way. 

The VIZIYA Implementation Plan for WorkAlign Scheduler follows our tested implementation framework which includes:

  • Project kick-off session
  • Planning and configuration
  • Installation and validation
  • Deployment and training
  • Go-live support and review

During the implementation process, you may find it valuable to include maintenance planners, schedulers and supervisors, and managers that schedule set up crews and qualify work orders. It is sometimes valuable to include individual craftspeople from your organization to learn the more detailed aspects of the software.

If you are implementing or migrating ERP at the same time that you are implementing Scheduler, you may want to include a member of the ERP implementation team.

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