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PotashCorp planners are able to take pictures, detail the issues, and save an estimated 30 minutes per work order in the field with VIZIYA Mobile. 


VIZIYA’s implementation consultants can travel onsite to deliver VIZIYA WorkAlign© product training in-person.  This can be done as part of the standard product implementation, or as a follow-up activity after the initial implementation was completed.  The training is interactive with hands-on exercises, so proper training facilities would be required to be provided by the customer, including a suitable training room with a projector and screen, and also an appropriate training environment in the product the training is on.  Typically, class sizes should be kept to twelve (12) students or less.  If you have more than the recommended class size requiring the training, this can be addressed simultaneously using multiple trainers and separate training rooms, or sequentially with the training spread out over multiple weeks.

Please work with your VIZIYA account manager if you have specific questions or concerns, including pricing information.

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