Viziya is now part of Prometheus Group

National Express is proud we were instrumental in bringing a new product to market with VIZIYA and given the opportunity, would not hesitate to repeat the experience.

VIZIYA Services

VIZIYA’s professional consulting services, product implementations, training and world class support combine to ensure the greatest return on your EAM software investment. We deliver Asset Management solutions drawing from our deep maintenance and software expertise across a variety of industries.

Custom Development

The best ideas come from our customers. VIZIYA adopts a customer-centric and collaborative approach to its product development strategy. We offer custom development for unique features or functionality.  Additionally, the VIZIYA Vizion Program fosters co-operative software development efforts between VIZIYA and our customers.

The Vizion Program allows customers to present functional issues and/or product ideas that enhance their asset management CMMS capabilities and our WorkAlign portfolio. VIZIYA analyzes the proposed solution and determines whether the idea could address the broader market. If the proposal can enhance other customers’ experiences, we then work with the customer to co-operatively design a productized, off-the-shelf solution with ongoing support and updates.

VIZIYA encourages customers to work jointly with us to design a solution with broad market appeal. We provide full software support. We have a history of customer-driven products and recommendations on how to make our products better and more robust. We incorporate their suggestions as part of the ongoing maintenance updates for the product.

Our Vizion Program History:


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