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VIZIYA’s professional consulting services, product implementations, world class support and training combine to ensure the greatest return on your EAM software investment.  We deliver Asset Management solutions drawing from our deep maintenance and software expertise across a variety of industries.

Oracle eAM Implementation


Why We’re The Unsurpassed Leaders In eAM Implementation

Since 2000, VIZIYA Global has developed an unsurpassed knowledge of eaM, its critical success requirements and an extensive library of tools and methods in order to develop the most complete capability in the market. In turn, this enables us to help our client improve their asset management operations and achieve a real competitive edge.

VIZIYA Global has honed an unsurpassed eAM tool library with proven project plans, training modules, test scripts and conversion programs, configured to solve business needs and avoid customizations. VIZIYA Global has the largest dedicated team of Maintenance and eAM Operational Improvement Experts.

To support and reinforce quality implementations, we employ a proven delivery methodology and library of tools. Based on a phased approach and built upon core PMI principles, our methodology represents the culminated experiences of numerous engagement, thorough understanding of Maintenance Best Practices, and an effective model of successful Change Management. These methods and resources, combined with our total commitment to client success and satisfaction, makes VIZIYA Global the absolute first choice for any new Oracle eAM engagements.

Oracle eAM Health Checks Are Just The Beginning

As a key service to our clients, VIZIYA Global is available to conduct Oracle eAM Health Checks to quickly assess and provide critical insights on the overall state of any existing eAM implementation. To expertly provide this service, we have developed an express set of methods and tools that allow us to closely collaborate with the client team and review all of the necessary aspects of the system. Based upon this review, we then develop a detailed set of Finding and Recommendations for Oracle eAM and related supply chain applications. Our focused end-goal for this process is to help clients achieve greater organizational value from their current ERP and eAM investments.

Since the effectiveness of critical assets is at the cornerstone of any company’s operational strategy, our eAM Health Checks examines all of the key building blocks of the client’s maintenance program. This starts with interviews of the senior operational and maintenance staff to understand the existing maintenance strategy, and followed by the system review for potential issues in Master Data setup, Equipment Hierarchies, and the processing of transactional records. Additionally, client maintenance processes are also closely reviewed for possible gaps or additional training needs.

The final Health Check result is to provide a clear set of Findings and Recommendations that will expressly identify opportunities to help improve operational efficiencies, remove system hurdles, and achieve better data and reporting from the system. With this information, the VIZIYA Global team can work with the client to plan greater overall success with the system and better user-adoption.

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