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Simply put, PotashCorp likes the products, the people, and the service of the VIZIYA team.

VIZIYA Services

VIZIYA’s professional consulting services, product implementations, world class support and training combine to ensure the greatest return on your EAM software investment.  We deliver Asset Management solutions drawing from our deep maintenance and software expertise across a variety of industries.

Team Bios

VIZIYA’s Customer Adoption Managers work with all our customers to ensure they have the latest information to enable them to reap the greatest value from their software purchases.  They are a channel of communication for our customers so that VIZIYA knows about emerging needs, changing requirements, business challenges, and anything impacting our customers’ ability to effectively use the  software solutions to drive value in their enterprise.  VIZIYA is keen to foster a healthy ecosystem of partnership among all of our customers, and the Customer Adoption Managers are a key component to this model.  Our customers help keep us attuned to what features and functions our solutions need to include in order to best support them in their business, and this helps to ensure that VIZIYA’s products continue to grow and evolve so that our existing customers keep using our products, and also so that new customers are interested in adopting the VIZIYA solutions to help them in their business. 

BoskoBilicBosko Bilic joined VIZIYA in 2010.  He served as a Project Engineer leading implementations of the VIZIYA WorkAlign suite of products for many of our customers, across all ERPs, and across all industry verticals.  During his tenure, Bosko has assisted with new release testing, product support and internal training. Bosko has developed relationships with all VIZIYA’s customers and has inspired confidence in the VIZIYA product suite, as well as the VIZIYA team in general on the part of our customers.  Bosko contributed to some of VIZIYA’s earliest training standards documentation, and has continued to play a role as VIZIYA matured in its methodologies and policies for all aspects of its software implementation services.

Prior to joining VIZIYA, Bosko spent over 15 years working in industry in transportation parts manufacture for a company called WABCO, and brought with him extensive knowledge both from the operations perspective, and the maintenance side of the business.  Bosko joined a company called PopWare in 2003 as a systems administrator, and after approximately one year in the role became a technical implementation consultant tasked with the installation of CMMS systems like Avantis Pro and Maximo, and to some extent handled the functional implementation of these systems.  In 2005 PopWare was acquired by Bell Canada Enterprises and merged under The Createch Group to form the Asset Management Solutions branch of the business.  At this point, Bosko took on additional responsibilities handling larger implementations of Maximo for numerous customers.  Bosko leveraged his jovial personality to work with customers through functional workshops, doing Gap Analysis for various functional areas, and providing user training, as well as some technical tasks like data migrations and technical upgrades.

Bosko uses his friendly demeanour and solid background to win the confidence of customers, and to contribute to the continued evolution of the Customer Adoption Program.  When Bosko is away from work, he plays men’s league hockey and soccer, and enjoys downhill skiing.



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