Viziya is now part of Prometheus Group

Simply put, PotashCorp likes the products, the people, and the service of the VIZIYA team.

VIZIYA Services

VIZIYA’s professional consulting services, product implementations, world class support and training combine to ensure the greatest return on your EAM software investment.  We deliver Asset Management solutions drawing from our deep maintenance and software expertise across a variety of industries.

Product Certifications

At VIZIYA, we understand that true success after purchasing our software is that your team members are using it. To help ensure this success, and to support and educate your users, we offer a Product Certification Program.  Whether you are in the midst of implementing our software at your organization, or you are rolling out the product to new users in your organization, our certification program can help.

Available to all licensed users of WorkAlign© Software, to access our Product Certification Program, you simply log in to the Customer Portal and take one of our Product Certification Tests.  



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