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If the work management process is well designed and disciplined, productivity is real and comprehensive, and lowest cost reliability is the inevitable result.

— Electric Power Research Institute


Armed with the precise geographic location of your assets plus the real-time updates of personnel in the field, you can optimize the effectiveness of your workforce. Scheduler: Field Service uses VIZIYA’s Oracle Certified integration for seamless support of Oracle eAM.


  • Oracle Gold Partner
  • Enhances each step in the maintenance work process
  • Simple User Interface drives adoption
  • Multi-ERP | Multi-CMMS | Multi-Instance

Unlike other solutions on the market, the Field Service Scheduler leverages your Oracle environment. VIZIYA’s certified real-time Oracle integration means that you can fully use all of your infrastructure and its robust functionality. With native support for Oracle EAM modules, you can view and schedule Service and/or Plant Maintenance Work Orders and assign them to your workforce in the field.

With a simple, easy-to-use interface, your Dispatchers, Schedulers, and Managers, will be able to control and increase the efficiency of your field workforce. With the precise geographic location of your assets, and the real-time updates of your personnel in the field, you can easily select the right person for the right job. Built as a part of VIZIYA’s industry leading WorkAlign Scheduler, one system can now handle all of your scheduling needs. Whether you are managing the daily operational needs of a fixed plant, or the complex schedules of a diverse field force, the VIZIYA WorkAlign Scheduler family is the right solution for you.

Real-time map displays Assets, Work Orders, and Technician locations

The WorkAlign(R) Scheduler: Field Service module brings it all together, a live connection to Oracle for Work Orders, and a live connection to the Mobile Work Manager for Technician status.

Single system for all Work Orders

With support for Plant Maintenance Work Orders, you can control all of your work needs from a single system. Never again miss work opportunities. Easily view all of the work, and develop a plan based on your complete needs.

Robust KPIs and Work Order Lists

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are metrics used to help optimize the efficiency of maintenance activity. Easily see the important information. From personnel utilization to high priority filters for emergency work, it is easy to connect the right technician with the right work.

Route-based Scheduling

Easily select Work Orders within a geographic area or planned route. Flexibly create a series of daily, weekly routes and plan work schedules around these routes. Include travel time, job duration, and technician skills in your decisions.

Graphical Scheduling Optimizes Efficiency

Easily see routes and critical work. Also manage your schedule whitespace and identify the gaps in your schedule easily slotting in opportunity work – inspections, preventative maintenance, etc., Select the view that works best for you – Gantt, Map, Availability Grid, or Work Order information.

Manage work from simple tasks to complex multi-week projects

VIZIYA Field Service lets you Schedule the tasks. The fully-integrated real-time solutions give you unmatched power and flexibility.

Save Time with Rules-based auto-Scheduling

Let the Scheduler automatically assign and schedule the work. Make any manual changes as needed and your schedule is complete.

Real-time Work Completions

The dispatcher will instantly know when the technician marks work as completed. Confidently adapt to unexpected changes knowing that you have up-to-date information.

Flexible Resource Scheduling

Manage schedule and availability by person, work centre, or crew by any day, week, or month.

Make Good Work Assignment Decisions

Assign work based on criticality, technician’s availability, or geographic proximity.

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