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Success through WorkAlign® Scheduler

Posted under Blog by VIZIYA WorkAlign® Scheduler Team

Scheduling maintenance work is one of the easiest ways for asset-intensive organizations to minimize maintenance spending, increase their efficiency and reduce downtime. Planned work is always more cost-effective than reactive, and even a marginal increase in planned work can produce massive savings and increases in efficiency.

VIZIYA developed our WorkAlign® Scheduler solution over 10 years as part of a collaborative partnership with Barrick Gold. Since then, VIZIYA WorkAlign® Scheduler has been tried, tested and improved based on the functional needs and requirements of 55,000 users from multiple industries across the globe.

WorkAlign® Scheduler customers experience benefits such as:

  • Easy and intuitive scheduling software
  • Flexibility in their scheduling process
  • Visual and graphical scheduling capabilities
  • Improved planning and scheduling, as a result, VIZIYA’s unique work order quality check
  • Advanced scheduling capabilities including the ability to schedule multiple work orders at once
  • Provides the ability to schedule work in advance

Several companies have specifically benefited from VIZIYA’sWorkAlign® Scheduler.

Wesfarmers Curragh Identified a backlog of 5000 work orders

Wesfarmers Curragh, one of Australia’s largest independent coal mines, needed a scheduling solution that would enhance their existing CMMS, could evolve in line with their Oracle ERP system and most importantly a solution that could meet the needs of different parts of its business, including enhanced capacity planning to improve utilization of labor resources, and advanced features to ensure the right work could be matched with the right resources.

In the first week of production, Wesfarmers Curragh was able to identify a backlog of 5,000 work orders that had been completed by never closed. In addition, they were able to identify several work orders that had not been completed and required work, promoting immediate corrective action by the maintenance team. VIZIYA WorkAlign® Scheduler also allowed Wesfarmers Curragh to reduce their contractor expenses, improve utilization and enhance their ability to control their work management process. For more information on how Wesfarmers Curragh is benefiting from VIZIYAWorkAlign® Scheduler, read their success story here.

PotashCorp can schedule 80% of work four weeks in advance

PotashCorp, the world’s largest fertilizer company, had a goal to align processes, consolidate spending and improve data analytics to promote continuous improvement. Additionally, Potash Corp needed a solution that worked with their existing Oracle EAM system.

PotashCorp selected VIZIYAWorkAlign® Scheduler because of its enhanced functionality including the work order quality check, the ability to schedule multiple work orders at once and real-time KPIs to track the impact of their schedule on resources and budget. WorkAlign® Scheduler has allowed PotashCorp to schedule a larger volume of work orders efficiently, and to schedule maintenance four weeks in advance for 80% of their work orders. For more information on how PotashCorp is benefiting from VIZIYA WorkAlign® Scheduler, read their success story here.

PorterBrook completed over 2700 work orders in significantly less time

PorterBrook Leading, specialists in all types of railway rolling stock and associated equipment, needed a robust scheduling solution that included the ability to perform mass scheduling updates and could show a visual representation of the group of assets and fleets they managed.

PorterBrook selected VIZIYAWorkAlign® Scheduler because of its ability to re-schedule groups of assets in mass, as well as its list and Gantt chart view of schedules for easy review and reference.WorkAlign® Scheduler views enabled PorterBrook to visualize the planning window for their fleets and then manipulate schedules to ensure mileage limits are strictly followed, the correct depot is assigned, and maintenance is performed within the required timeframe. As a result of mass update capability, PorterBrook has been able to complete 2700+ work orders in significantly less time. For more information on how PorterBrook is benefiting from VIZIYAWorkAlign® Scheduler, read their success story here.

VIZIYAWorkAlign® Scheduler takes an asset-centric approach to maintenance planning and scheduling to enhance each step in the work management process. WorkAlign® Scheduler focuses on asset criticality, eliminates PM work order and scheduling surprises and gives maintenance teams the visibility they need in the future.

Companies like Wesfarmers Curragh, PotashCorp, and PorterBrook, have benefited substantially from the implementation of VIZIYA WorkAlign® Scheduler. For more information visit WorkAlign® Scheduler or Request a Demo.


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