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Success through WorkAlign® IIoT

Posted under Blog by VIZIYA WorkAlign® IIoT Team

The core focus in an IIoT deployment, in the majority of organizations, is operational efficiency and cost optimization. Maintenance organizations worldwide are responsible for ensuring company assets are running at peak performance to meet production requirements. Many of these assets are equipped with sensors that capture reams of generated data. The sheer volume of this data creates organizational challenges.

VIZIYA’s WorkAlign® IIoT is a powerful, robust solution that allows companies to maximize on collected sensor data by connecting your data historian to your CMMS. VIZIYA’s IIoT solution applies user-defined “what then” steps that makes the data actionable, whatever the business scenario, and then closes the loop by sharing this data with the organization’s historian or data warehouse.WorkAlign® IIoT, therefore, provides real-time insight into the asset health.

WorkAlign® IIoT customers experience benefits such as:

  • Integrated Dashboards
  • Two-way integration
  • Templated CMMS
  • Maintenance Status/Down for Maintenance Functionality
  • Escalating Workflows Functionality

The potential impact of WorkAlign® IIoT is enormous. Let’s review some use cases.

Scenario 1: Condition Based Monitoring

A major fertilizer company had been experiencing four or five compactor bearing failures each year, and each failure caused roughly three days of downtime for equipment repairs.

Its reliability engineers already knew from analysis that when a bearing starts to heat up, they have 12 hours to fix it before failure. If the problem is not caught and corrected within the 12-hour window, the bearing will fail and take production down. To prevent this, manual inspections of the bearing temperatures were put in place. However, these inspections proved to be inadequate and it was not feasible to conduct the manual process at small enough intervals. As a result, some failures were inevitably missed.

Now, the fertilizer company is pushing its compactor bearing temperature readings into their data historian, and alerts are sent automatically toWorkAlign® IIoT as the temperature starts to rise. Predictive maintenance work orders are automatically being generated in their EAM/CMMS and then escalated if the readings continue to rise. With more timely insight into compactor bearing conditions, failures are prevented, and downtime costs and production losses are avoided. Closed work order information is passed back to the historian, enabling continuous improvement. With this change, the fertilizer company has estimated it could save 12 to 15 days per year of lost production, representing millions of dollars in annual savings.

Scenario 2: Ensuring PMs are completed on time

A major appliance manufacturer had been experiencing issues with dies being run past their service interval, resulting in premature failure, product quality issues, and increased costs. Technicians were assigned to manually track the number of hits a die completed each day and were tasked with entering this data into their EAM/CMMS system at the end of the shift. This manual system proved to be inefficient and to result in multiple errors. As a result, some failures were inevitable.

Now, the appliance manufacturer is utilizing sensors to track the number of hits a die completes and alerts are sent automatically toWorkAlign® IIoT when the die reaches 100,000 hits and needs to be serviced. Preventive maintenance work orders are automatically being generated in their EAM/CMMS. With more accurate tracking data, and more timely responses to their PM needs, failures are prevented, downtime costs are reduced, and product quality concerned have decreased.

WorkAlign® IIoT allows your company to move from a reactive maintenance strategy to a predictive one. In addition to driving productivity and business growth,WorkAlign® IIoT also has the potential to fundamentally alter the work experience. Connected technologies are quickly becoming a necessity, rather than a luxury and maintenance organizations need to map their strategies to includes these new practices.

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