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WorkAlign Cloud integration with the entire maintenance workflow

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November 22, 2019

VIZIYA’s integrated maintenance cloud solution focuses on best practices and community

The maintenance organizations that rely on VIZIYA’s WorkAlign® Suite are some of the largest in the world. They use our products because they know our solutions can help them through every stage of the maintenance workflow. Every product in the WorkAlign suite integrates seamlessly with your ERP and with each other. Now we’re taking that to the next level with the upcoming launch of the VIZIYA WorkAlign Cloud integration.

WorkAlign Cloud Integration

WorkAlign Cloud from VIZIYA gives you access to world-class solutions and a community of like-minded maintenance professionals.

We can sum up the real power of WorkAlign Cloud in just two words: integration and community. The solution also offers everything you would expect from a cloud solution, including lowered IT costs, no costly deployments, and no need for hardware or software upgrades.

Those really are the basics of any cloud-based solution. It’s the integration and community that make VIZIYA WorkAlign Cloud stand out and go beyond what you would expect of a CMMS. Check out our white paper, “On-Premise or Cloud? The Choice is Yours” for some of the advantages of cloud-based maintenance software.

The integration of VIZIYA’s world-class software solutions into WorkAlign Cloud offers tremendous advantages to management, maintenance, and reliability professionals. Data has been widely acknowledged as a precious resource, and WorkAlign Cloud will give you the power to access, manage, and use this data to improve and streamline your maintenance processes across the board.

WorkAlign Cloud Integration

The capabilities of the WorkAlign Cloud integration are impressive, as it draws together VIZIYA’s solutions into one package. The modules include Planning & Scheduling, Work Execution, Inventory Optimization, Budgeting, Warranty, and IoT, AI & Machine Learning. Together, they contribute enormously to improving the maintenance workflow at every stage, including analytics.

This integration unlocks abilities that would have seemed impossible to a prior generation.The time taken to master the integrated cloud solution will be minor compared to what the product can do.

Users who have worked with VIZIYA software will see a screen that looks very familiar. We know maintenance professionals are very busy, so we’ve done everything we can to ensure that our customers will need minimal training. With that said, there will be a small learning curve because WorkAlign Cloud has new capabilities.

Scheduling & Planning

A major advantage of the WorkAlign Cloud integration is the program’s ability to truly define your maintenance schedule. At VIZIYA, we know Planning and Scheduling is More than Changing Dates, and WorkAlign Scheduler was built with an asset-centric approach designed to make sure resources are deployed effectively.

However, getting a true snapshot of your schedule and maintenance data required WorkAlign Analytics, itself an immensely powerful solution. WorkAlign Cloud’s Scheduling & Planning module combines them, allowing you to adopt a truly asset-centric approach to your scheduling, planning, and data analysis.

Work Execution

The Work Execution module will integrate a complete mobile solution. Technicians can take their work with them and spend more time on vital maintenance tasks without being tied down to a workstation.

As Doc Palmer famously noted in his Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook, the absolute maximum amount of wrench time in an 8-hour workday is between 6.5 and 7 hours. This is an ideal, but it’s not reality for many organizations. Work Execution will help your craftspeople to get closer to that ideal by ensuring they can receive work orders, update inventory, and access standard operating procedures while in the field.

Inventory Optimization

Inventory Optimization will connect your maintenance department with your storerooms. It will also integrate with the other parts of WorkAlign Cloud. This means your inventory will always be integrated with your planning and scheduling, but it goes even further.

Integration with the other modules means craftspeople will be able to check storerooms remotely using Work Execution, sign out materials, and enter new materials into inventory through barcode scanning. Naturally, inventory updates will be reflected in the Budgeting and Warranty modules as well.


Budgeting will also benefit from this intense integration. WorkAlign Maintenance Budgeting has always allowed you to manage and control the cost of maintenance, not just predict what you’re going to spend, and access real-time views of predicted work orders and historic trends.

Integration will push this even further, by updating and altering the budget as needed to fit current conditions.


Warranty will boost your bottom line, period. A successful warranty claim is one of the easiest ways to recoup dollars invested in assets and materials. The challenge has always been in managing all those warranties and making sure claims are submitted properly. Faced with this daunting effort, many organizations simply don’t bother.

The Warranty module in WorkAlign Cloud will reduce this Herculean task to an occasional mouse click. Tracking is automatic, and the solution will track submitted claims for you until they’re paid out. It really is one of the easiest ways to save your department money.

IoT, AI & Machine Learning

Finally, we come to IoT, AI & Machine Learning. This module will connect your sensor data to the rest of the system, giving you powerful insight into your assets and allowing you to move to a predictive maintenance model. However, this just scratches the surface of what this module will be able to do for you.

Advanced scheduling and inventory algorithms, coupled with innovative advanced learning systems, are really what take this module to the next level. The highly advanced technology in this module means the entire solution becomes more suited to your organization.


We’re enormously proud of the technical expertise and maintenance focus that our team brought to bear in designing and integrating WorkAlign Cloud. However, we’re just as proud of a brand-new capability that will put the focus on people.

WorkAlign Cloud will give you access to the WorkAlign Maintenance Cloud Community, a place for maintenance professionals to connect and share knowledge.

We all have something we can teach, and we all have something we can learn. The WorkAlign Maintenance Cloud Community will give us a place to do just that.

You will be able to share your own experiences and qualifications with other maintenance professionals, as well as exclusive access to premium content you won’t find anywhere else, including training materials, how-to guides, and much more.

Please visit here for more information, or contact a VIZIYA rep and see how we can help you start your cloud journey!


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