Top 5 Benefits of VIZIYA WorkAlign Cloud for Maintenance

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March 17, 2020

An all-in-one maintenance cloud solution with built-in advantages

An increasing number of organizations are looking to cloud solutions to both save costs and improve processes. A report by LogicMonitor predicted that 83% of enterprise workloads would be in the cloud by 2020, with a corresponding dip in on-premise workloads. There are many ways in which the advantages of the cloud benefits maintenance, as long as the solution has the right capabilities.

VIZIYA WorkAlign Cloud is a SaaS offering designed and built exclusively for the needs of maintenance. Rather than simply being a cloud-based version of our on-prem software, WorkAlign Cloud was designed from the beginning as a true cloud solution for maintenance, taking advantage of everything that cloud computing has to offer.

VIZIYA’s WorkAlign Cloud is an all-in-one solution for the maintenance process with built-in mobility, community, and machine learning.


Like all of VIZIYA’s solutions, WorkAlign Cloud works out of the box without lengthy customizations and the software bolts directly to your ERP. This ensures a single source of truth both in the maintenance department and across the entire organization. Because VIZIYA is focused exclusively on maintenance, WorkAlign Cloud also has maintenance best practices built right into the software. Other features and benefits include:

  1. All-in-One Solution – VIZIYA WorkAlign Cloud is a purpose-built solution designed for the needs of maintenance organizations. All modules in the solution are subscription-based. This means that if you just planning and scheduling, then you only need to subscribe to that module. It also means, though, that when your needs change, the solution can change right along with them. Budgeting, analytics, and other modules are right there waiting for you. Accessing them requires no lengthy set-up, only activating the module.
  2. Work Execution – Mobility is a huge advantage in modern work environments. The VIZIYA Cloud product suite was built with mobility in mind. It can provide your maintenance teams with everything they need while they’re in the field or on the plant floor. We know that a strong connection can sometimes be hard to find, which is why VIZIYA Cloud works even if you’re not connected, allowing you to easily sync and update files when you reconnect. This helps both frontline maintenance personnel and maintenance management, as they can now access work order data in real-time.
  3. Community – WorkAlign Cloud includes a new online community built for maintenance professionals. It provides a chance to interact with other experts and maintenance professionals while also accessing premium online content such as training material, how-to guides, and more.
  4. IIoT, AI, and Machine Learning – VIZIYA Cloud is accelerating maintenance organizations into the future by applying stunning new technological advancements. IIoT, AI, and machine learning strategies are built into the core of the platform. Some of these upgrades include advanced algorithms for work order scheduling algorithms and inventory optimization, advanced learning systems, and leveraging sensor data to enable predictive maintenance.
  5. The VIZIYA Advantage – One of the biggest benefits of VIZIYA’s WorkAlign Cloud suite is our Cloud implementation and service team. The team has decades of combined experience in cloud computing, cloud implementations, and maintenance best practices. It’s an unbeatable combination that you can access to take your maintenance organization to new heights in the cloud!

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