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Success Through WorkAlign® Analytics

Posted under Blog by Viziya WorkAlign® Analytics Team

Maintenance organizations are being infiltrated by a technological revolution including concepts and technologies like IIoT, Industry 4.0, and smart factories. These technological advancements increase the availability and accuracy of data and asset information. More data is not always a good thing, however. Companies are being swamped with large volumes of data without the proper processes or systems in place to manage and make sense of it. Maintenance decisions are becoming more complex as a result of the vast amount of information. The benefits of better access to your asset data are only realized when you can easily understand and utilize that data as part of your decision-making process.

VIZIYA WorkAlign® Analytics is a single, consolidated data warehouse that makes the onslaught of data easier to understand and manage. WorkAlign® Analytics provides actionable data out-of-the-box to drive improvements in maintenance and decision-making capabilities. It extends the reporting capability of your ERP by consolidating maintenance data and history into a single live reporting solution. This data centralization enables visibility at all levels, including corporate, region, site, department, equipment, resource, task, and more.

WorkAlign® Analytics customers experience benefits such as:

  • Easy and intuitive analytics software
  • Single source of truth for all data
  • Instant usability
  • Improved uptime and understanding of craft utilization
  • Improved targeting of ‘bad actors’
  • Improved budget performance with increased asset rollup information

Several companies have specifically benefited from VIZIYA’s WorkAlign® Analytics.

PotashCorp was able to connect more than 4,000 data dimensions with WorkAlign® Analytics

PotashCorp, the world’s largest fertilizer company, had a goal to align processes, consolidate spending and improve data analytics to promote continuous improvement. Additionally, Potash Corp needed a solution that worked with their existing Oracle EAM system.

PotashCorp selected VIZIYA WorkAlign® Analytics because they needed a robust tool that would generate reports quickly and intuitively across the entire company. PotashCorp was able to connect more than 4,000 data dimensions across their business, including assets, meters, work orders, work requests, preventive maintenance tasks, failure analysis, costing, financials, inventory, procurement, HR, KPIs and compliance with VIZIYA’s extract, transform and load (ETL) capabilities. With WorkAlign® Analytics, global maintenance KPIs were initiated for the first time to support reporting objectives. For more information on how PotashCorp is benefiting from VIZIYA WorkAlign® Analytics, read their success story here or watch our Harnessing the Power of Analytics with PotashCorp webcast.

Wesfarmers Curragh established baseline metrics across their business with WorkAlign® Analytics

Wesfarmers Curragh, one of Australia’s largest independent coal mines, needed an analytical tool that could evolve in line with their Oracle ERP system and could establish baseline metrics for performance monitoring as the foundation for continuous improvements.

With WorkAlign® Analytics, Wesfarmers Curragh has been able to establish baseline metrics across their business. Visibility of work metrics across the maintenance organization has been invaluable. For more information on how Wesfarmers Curragh is benefiting from VIZIYAWorkAlign® Analytics, read their success story here.

WorkAlign® Analytics gives visibility into how your organization is doing and helps to unify various departments towards a common goal. With hundreds of ready-to-use reports, representing essential maintenance metrics and compliance reporting, and the ability to drill down into specific reporting areas, maintenance teams can immediately start focusing on problem areas, establishing business priorities and making informed decisions about their overall maintenance strategy.

Companies like Wesfarmers Curragh, and PotashCorp, have benefited substantially from the implementation of VIZIYA WorkAlign® Analytics. For more information visit WorkAlign® Analytics or Request a Demo.



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