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Why Oracle eAM Users need Bolt-on Products to Schedule

As a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution provider, Oracle develops business solutions of great size and scope. Its customers range from small, local businesses to very large, multinational enterprises. Its modules serve virtually every core business need for an extensive array of industries. Consequently, Oracle’s base products are designed to be broadly functional rather than all-encompassing, because attempting to meet the unique needs of each customer, or the best practices of every industry, would result in an unwieldy goliath of software code.

Because VIZIYA’s maintenance solutions are developed in cooperation with ERP vendors, they are complementary in nature, not competitive. VIZIYA’s solutions are designed specifically for use with Oracle’s asset management products, integrated using the provided application interfaces, and delivered as off-the-shelf, bolt-on products. By providing essential functionality and enforcing best practices, VIZIYA’s solutions deliver a healthy return on investment.

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