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Posted under Announcements by Kristin Smith, Marketing Specialist

If you’re reading this, whether you are an avid follower of blogs or not, you are likely looking to gain something; Maybe you are a craftsperson looking to learn more about the future of your industry, maybe you are a maintenance manager looking for tips to make your job easier and more efficient, or maybe you are a CEO looking to ensure your company is ahead of the pack. Regardless of the reason you are here, we are happy to see you!

At VIZIYA, we believe in the importance of continued growth and education. Our Customer Adoption Program is dedicated to the growth and education of our customers. Our goal for our new blog is to extend this dedication beyond our customers and to reach you, the craftsperson, maintenance manager and CEO. We want to help answer all your questions, look at things in a manner you may not have considered before and ultimately help you gain more knowledge about things of importance to you. The world is always changing, there is always something new to discover!

So if you are interested in, or part of, the EAM, Maintenance, and/or Reliability industry, we hope you stick around. We promise to provide interesting, relevant and current content on various industry related topics.

We encourage you to participate in discussions, suggest future topics and connect with us on our social media: Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. You choose the channel, we’ll be waiting to hear from you!



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