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Why Warranty Tracking is Vital to your Maintenance Strategy

Today’s consumers are taught young and are reminded frequently about warranties. Each time they purchase an electronic or mechanical device, they are encouraged to register it right away and to purchase an extended warranty.

Most of the time, consumers will ignore this guidance as the odds of equipment failure are low and a steady stream of newer, more advanced and appealing alternatives have rendered the failed item obsolete. Why file a warranty claim for a $200 tablet or an $80 printer and wait weeks or months for repairs or a replacement when you can just purchase a new one?

When warranties are provided or purchased, they tend to be forgotten. When an item fails after a couple of years of use, who remembers to cross-check the warranty terms or whether it was purchased with a payment method that automatically extends the warranty? If a particular brand fails more often than others, is that knowledge factored into future purchase decisions?

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