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Why Scheduling is Vital to your Maintenance Strategy

Industrial maintenance organizations are charged with ensuring optimal asset reliability and uptime. Equipment, components, facilities, and fleets are counted on to be in peak working condition when needed. The availability of these physical assets is critical for organizations to meet their production demands. To ensure these physical assets are ready to go when needed, organizations employ an Asset Management Strategy.

An Asset Management Strategy is meant to guide an organization’s overall asset management activities. It should explore long-term issues and ensure that the overarching plan is linked to key strategic challenges and goals for the organization. Asset Management Strategies often consist of tightly coordinated and often complex workflows for work planning, scheduling, inventory, and procurement which ensure maintenance and inspection tasks are completed without a hitch.

Few people have as much influence on the outcome of an Asset Management Strategy as planners and schedulers. They are responsible for establishing work priorities and ensuring maintenance workflow is controlled so that asset utilization and uptime can be improved. Managing and controlling workflow with the right resources will reduce maintenance costs, and optimize asset utilization/uptime by mitigating risk. In other words, planning and scheduling can make or break a maintenance organization.

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