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5 Must Have Maintenance Warranty Capabilities

Posted under Blog by VIZIYA WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker Team

Maintenance often fails to track and claim their warranties. A successful warranty claim, however, is one of the easiest ways to contribute hard dollar savings directly to your company’s bottom line and to ensure budget targets are achieved. Even better, companies can increase production uptime, improve equipment design, and strengthen their supplier relationships.

VIZIYA WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker is a purpose-built solution for maintenance and delivers actionable intelligence to track and claim your warrantable repairs. It has been tried, tested and improved based on the functional needs and requirements of 55,000 maintenance users from multiple industries across the globe. WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker strives to make it easier to manage your asset warranties so you stop leaving money on the table.

Must Have Maintenance Warranty Capabilities


  1. Ready to use, out of the box warranty tracking solution – As an out-of-the-box, bolt-on product, WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker provides maintenance teams with an easy way to track, control and maximize their asset warranties.
  2. Tracks warranty status – Tracking warranty status can be complicated and time-consuming. Maintenance teams need the ability to easily or automatically identify which new equipment, material or subassemblies, rebuilt parts, and contract labor are warranted. VIZIYA WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker arms you with the visibility and the data to document and track all warranties at the equipment, subassemblies and/or material level.
  3. Documents warranty duration – Warranties only last for a set timeframe (calendar or by consumption such as mileage). VIZIYA WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker gives maintenance teams the ability to document whether material and labor for repair, rebuild, and/or replacement are included in the warranty and for what duration.
  4. Reviews maintenance work orders against warranty statusWorkAlign® Warranty Tracker allows users to review work orders against warranty status and to coordinate warranty-related work at the same time or detect patterns of failure. Warranty claims that reveal high rates of early failure enable the engineers to reassess their design criteria to proactively prevent breakdowns and achieve greater asset uptime and production.
  5. Creates vendor claims and tracks reimbursementWorkAlign® Warranty tracker automatically creates warranty claims and tracks the status of reimbursements. Work Orders are validated against contract, coverage on equipment and materials, and dates. The claims process allows for full viewing of Work Order details from your ERP system. WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker reconciles claims versus vendor payments received to provide up-to-date status and reporting and to ensure maximum reimbursement.


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