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10 Must Have Maintenance Scheduling Capabilities

Posted under Blog by VIZIYA WorkAlign® Scheduler Team

Many ERPs offer a planning and scheduling tool or module. While this option often works well for many parts of an organization, the maintenance department is unique. It needs capabilities beyond those of a broadly functioning tool. The larger the organization and the greater the number of work orders managed, the more pressing this need becomes.

VIZIYA WorkAlign® Scheduler is designed specifically to meet the unique planning and scheduling needs of maintenance organizations. It was developed in a collaborative partnership with Barrick Gold and has been tried, tested and improved over 10 years based on the functional needs and requirements of 55,000 users from multiple industries across the globe. WorkAlign® Scheduler strives to meet all your scheduling needs in an out-of-the-box productized form.

Must Have Scheduling Capabilities


  1. Real-time, bolted on access to your EAM/CMMS/ERP – As an out-of-the-box, bolt-n product, WorkAlign® Scheduler provides a visual, real-time view of your EAM data.
  2. Assign a large number of work orders to multiple people at once – High volumes of work order and unplanned or emergency work complicate maintenance work order scheduling. WorkAlign® Scheduler provides Maintenance planners and schedulers with the ability to assign more work to more people, faster and more accurately, rather than one work order at a time.
  3. Track resource time, location, skills, availability, wrench time, etc and schedule accordingly – It is a highly complex and demanding task to juggle which crafts are required, who is available in a given timeframe, where they are and whether their skills are a match, not to mention coordinating all of the tools and part required to complete the task. VIZIYA WorkAlign® Scheduler was built specifically for maintenance teams to tackle this challenge.
  4. Ready visibility into every open work order and variable at a given moment (KPIs) – Maintenance schedulers do not have time to run reports each time they need to make a decision. Instead, they require easy-to-use, intuitive, graphical tool that delivers ready visibility into every open work order and variable at a moment’s notice. The continuous graphical KPI feedback provided by WorkAlign® Scheduler allows real-time scheduler impact analysis.
  5. Easily create a complex work rotation as needed and with as many rotations as wanted – It is impossible to schedule technicians without visibility into their real work availability. WorkAlign® Scheduler allows users to create as complex a work rotation as needed and as many rotations as required very quickly and easily. The work schedule templates and availabilities can be very detailed and on-the-fly modifications are supported.
  6. Group resources from any department into logical, working units, whether by craft or team – When crews are only defined at the departmental level, it has potential to confuse work with parts of the plant. Plants can be organized in many different methods. WorkAlign® Scheduler allows users to group resources from any department into logical working units, whether by craft or team, that meet the individual needs of their organization.
  7. Check the quality of the work order to ensure enough information has been provided for scheduling – VIZIYA created a unique work order audit engine that eliminates the risk of poor quality work orders getting into the hands of maintenance personnel, thereby avoiding false starts and increasing their productivity.
  8. Edit and schedule work orders individually or in groups – Large maintenance organizations can be inundated with work orders. WorkAlign® Scheduler allows planners and schedulers to edit and scheduler work order individual or in groups to cut down on time and make organization of work order easier.
  9. Schedule at any level of the work order – header, operation, or resource – VIZIYA allows scheduling at any level of the work order including header, operation or resource. This allows greater flexibility in the scheduling process while also accommodating any organizational structure.
  10. Ability to test the impact of schedule changes before committing them to your ERP – VIZIYA provides a scheduling playground, allowing date changes to be held in WorkAlign® Scheduler until they are confirmed for release. As each work order is updated, the scheduler can make changes to the schedule, resources or availability, and immediately see the impact to the organization through the graphical KPI charts so that adjustments can be made if needed.


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