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6 Must Have Mobile Maintenance Capabilities

Posted under Blog by VIZIYA WorkAlign® Mobile Team

Maintenance by its very nature is a mobile function, since equipment, facilities, and fleets tend to be distributed across one or multiple sites. Maintenance technicians and engineers should have ready access to data and be able to enter critical information at the drop of a hat. To protect data integrity, workers should be able to perform work and verify records without carrying around paper or returning to desktop computers for data entry.

VIZIYA WorkAlign® Mobile is designed specifically to meet the unique mobile requirements of maintenance organizations with remote work sites and multiple field workers. It has been tried, tested and improved based on the functional needs and requirements of 55,000 maintenance users from multiple industries across the globe. WorkAlign® Mobile strives to meet all your mobility needs in an out-of-the-box productized form.

Must Have Mobile Maintenance Capabilities


  1. Ready to use, out of the box mobile solution – As an out-of-the-box, bolt-on product, WorkAlign® Mobile provides maintenance teams with all the information they need right where they spend the majority of their time, at the asset.
  2. Support for connected and disconnected operations – Maintenance sites are often in remote locations, away from the office, and in areas without cell phone or internet coverage. VIZIYA WorkAlign® Mobile gives technicians the convenience of working in the mobile solution both when connected and when disconnected. Technicians can update the work order as needed when the device is disconnected and the information will automatically update into the system when the device reconnects.
  3. Easy access to documentation, drawing, task lists, compete notifications, time cards, and confirmations – Technicians spend the majority of their time at the asset. The amount of information required to complete a work order is large and becomes cumbersome to carry to a job site. When you consider that a Tech/Mechanic may need to take that same quantity of information with them for several jobs in one day, it becomes unmanageable and messy. VIZIYA WorkAlign® Mobile conveniently packages and organizes all the necessary work order information. It provides technicians with all the asset details they need in the palm of their hand. This improves craft utilization, safety compliance and saves time.
  4. Ability to create, update, view and edit all aspects of work orders and work management – VIZIYA WorkAlign® Mobile provides technicians with the ability to create, update process and complete work orders, assign work to technicians, view and add attachments including images, enter asset information and timecards, capture signatures and perform advanced filtering.
  5. Ability to manage all aspects of your asset health directly from a mobile device – VIZIYA WorkAlign® Mobile provides users with the ability to view all the necessary asset information required to complete a work order including work order history, asset hierarchies, and meter readings. Users can perform functions right from the asset hierarchy.
  6. Ability to manage parts and materials required for general maintenance and work order execution – VIZIYA WorkAlign® Mobile provides maintenance teams with the ability to manage all aspects of the parts and materials required for work order execution including entering purchase order receipts and cycle counts, performing storeroom transfers, item queries, parts issues, advanced filtering and part returns, and assigning targeted inventory.

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