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6 Must Have Maintenance IIoT Capabilities

Posted under Blog by VIZIYA WorkAlign® IIoT Team

The core focus in an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) deployment, in the majority of organizations, is operational efficiency and cost optimization. Maintenance organizations worldwide are responsible for ensuring company assets are running at peak performance to meet production requirements. Many of these assets are equipped with sensors that capture reams of generated data. The sheer volume of this data creates organizational challenges.

VIZIYA WorkAlign® IIoT is a purpose-built solution that connects your data historian to your CMMS. It has been tried, tested and improved based on the functional needs and requirements of 55,000 maintenance users from multiple industries across the globe. WorkAlign® IIoT strives to transform your company into a predictive maintenance organization by making your sensory data actionable.

Must Have Maintenance IIoT Capabilities


  1. Ready to use, out of the box IIoT solution – As an out-of-the-box, bolt-on product, WorkAlign® IIoT provides maintenance teams with a practical and easy method to connect their Data Historian to their CMMS and get the most out of your sensory data.
  2. Real-time view of both your Sensory and EAM Data – Maintenance teams need easy access to their sensor data to ensure their maintenance programs are focused on the assets that need attention. Integrated dashboards built into VIZIYA WorkAlign® IIoT connects reliability and maintenance teams with valuable insight into the status of their assets in one centralized location. Dashboards pulls data from both the data historian and the CMMS where aggregated status indicators provide immediate insight into the status of the entire plan or company
  3. Built-in connection between systems – Sensor data is often stored in systems traditionally used exclusively by reliability teams. In order for maintenance organizations to benefit from IIoT, both maintenance and reliability teams need access to the sensor data. VIZIYA WorkAlign® IIoT provides users with two-way integration which keeps both systems updated with vital maintenance and reliability data that can be utilized for advanced analytics.
  4. Automatic Work Order Generation – Sensor data can provide extremely valuable information for maintenance teams when it is easily accessible and understood. VIZIYA WorkAlign® IIoT automatically generates work orders based off easily created workflows that track sensor thresholds and failure indicators and automatically create a work order when required.
  5. Ability to track and manage planned maintenance – VIZIYA has developed a Down for Maintenance status indicator which prevents workflows from being initiated when the asset is down for planned maintenance. This stops maintenance teams from being inundated with work orders on an asset that has been taken offline.
  6. Automatic escalation of work orders based on sensor indicators – VIZIYA WorkAlign® IIoT is designed to escalate work orders when an asset sensor notes an issue has escalated to critical. Workflows make sure you never create a duplicate work order or object in your CMMS.


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