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8 Must Have Maintenance Analytics Capabilities

Posted under Blog by VIZIYA WorkAlign® Analytics Team

June 12, 2018 (Updated February 24, 2020)
Many organizations are investing heavily into analytics capabilities. Whether it’s to analyze past trends or to gauge the efficiency of current processes, analytics capabilities play a major role in many companies’ overall business strategies.
However, for analytics to be truly impactful, they must be focused on a micro-level – analyzing all the critical aspects of an organization. Priorities and critical areas vary based on the department. As a result, one single analytics program often does not meet the needs of every department.
Most departments can benefit from an analytics solution, but the type of analytics they need will vary. Big data and data mining can deliver valuable insights for every department, but the approach that delivers the best result can be very different.
Realizing a competitive advantage from data-driven insights means making sure that you have the right solution for your needs.

VIZIYA WorkAlign® Analytics offers dynamic capabilities, designed specifically to meet the unique analytics requirements of maintenance organizations. It has been tried, tested and improved over 10 years based on the functional needs and requirements of 65,000 maintenance users from multiple industries across the globe. WorkAlign Analytics strives to meet all your analytics solutions needs in an out-of-the-box productized form.

Must Have Maintenance Analytics Capabilities


  1. Real-time, bolted on access to your EAM/CMMS/ERP – As an out-of-the-box, bolt-on product, WorkAlign Analytics provides a visual, real-time view of your data.
  2. Ready to use, out-of-the-box reports and dashboards – VIZIYA WorkAlign Analytics provides users with a variety of ready to use reports and dashboards to jumpstart their reporting initiatives. Out-of-the-box reports, developed over time specifically for maintenance personnel allow users to get the most out of an analytics solution without the initial pain of creating custom reports.
  3. Filtering and Drill Down Information sharing and data transparency are key outcomes of an analytics solution. VIZIYA WorkAlign Analytics allows users to filter and drill down to the source of the data and gain additional insights into crucial areas such as work order backlog, most critical assets, worst performing assets, etc.
  4. Trend-Based ReportingThe ability to track changes over time provides organizations with insights into their asset health and maintenance practices over time. Additional analysis and conclusions can be based on the trends. VIZIYA WorkAlign Analytics provides snapshot functionality that allows users to track past data and compare it to current information. Trend-based analysis allows users to make better-educated decisions about future maintenance operations.
  5. Rapid Report Development with Comprehensive data visibilityWhile many maintenance organizations will have commonality in their necessary reports and KPIs, there is always unique reports required by companies based off their individual business priorities. Maintenance teams need the ability to quickly and easily build custom ad-hoc reports. VIZIYA WorkAlign Analytics provides dimensions and facts for rapid ad-hoc report development.
  6. Easily configurable to your needs and user-friendlyWorkAlign Analytics allows users to easily configure analytics for each site and have the system reconcile any differences in broader or enterprise-wide views. Configurable extract, transform, and load (ETL) capabilities and drag-and-drop reporting let you avoid the complexities, costs, and risks of custom reports. Users can tailor their business intelligence on demand with filters, groupings, and sort sequences, and drill down to the fine data details to troubleshoot root causes of failure.
  7. Pre-built data transfer mappingsAs an out-of-the-box solution, WorkAlign Analytics comes readily available with pre-built data transfer mappings which eliminate the effort of finding the source of your data and mapping it accurately
  8. Ability to increase and track data integrityIncreased data integrity gives maintenance teams confidence in their data and in turn the ability to make better-informed decisions about their maintenance processes. WorkAlign Analytics extends the reporting capability of your EAM system by consolidating all available maintenance data and history into a single, separate data warehouse. With WorkAlign Analytics, maintenance teams can trust their data and can confidently listen to it.

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