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VIZIYA WorkAlign®: How to take your Maintenance Processes beyond Mobile

In our current technology-driven lifestyles, pen, paper, and even some technologies aren’t cutting it as a primary tool for maintenance management. More and more, organizations are finding themselves in need of a sophisticated, integrated solution to meet their maintenance requirements and reduce their overall maintenance costs.

The work management process generally consists of six stages: identify, plan, schedule, execute, complete, and analyze. Historically, maintenance organizations have been forced to utilize manual process or software from multiple vendors to work their way through these stages. Each team stayed in the stage of their primary focus. This resulted in siloed data, disconnects between teams, unplanned downtime and emergency work orders and higher maintenance costs.

To combat this issue, connect the various maintenance teams and optimize the maintenance processes, VIZIYA has designed the WorkAlign® Suite; one solution for maintenance that connects your maintenance team from identification to analysis. The WorkAlign® Suite consists of six products including Scheduler, IIoT, Mobile, Warranty Tracker, Maintenance Budgeting, and Analytics.

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