Maintenance in the Cloud

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May 22, 2019

One of the most dangerous phrases in business is “that’s how we’ve always done it”. Just because something has been working for a period of time, does not mean that a better method does not exist.

As a society, the way we work and the technology available to make us work better is rapidly changing and constantly advancing. Businesses who accept that continually evolving is no longer optional, but a necessary practice, tend to be the most successful in the long run.

The maintenance industry is no exception to this trend. In order to conquer inefficiency and generate greater success, maintenance organizations need to adapt their practices and take a step forward. But how?

The Cloud represents an overarching trend in the industry. In recent years, we’ve watched major players, like Oracle and SAP, launch their cloud initiatives. Even more recently, we have seen maintenance organizations jump on this trend as a route to better their processes.



You might be asking yourself, why is cloud becoming so popular? There are multiple reasons.  

Advantages of Maintenance in the Cloud

The cloud offers a myriad of benefits and advantages to the maintenance industry, including:

1. Reduced Costs: Maintenance organizations are often viewed as a cost center. The belief is that every dollar spent on maintenance is a profit dollar lost; as a result, businesses do not like to invest in their maintenance teams. Despite that, maintenance organizations need better software and tools to improve their processes and reduce their spend. Maintenance solutions in the cloud offer maintenance organizations a way to achieve this, without breaking the bank.

Maintenance in the cloud offers financially tangible benefits like reduced hardware costs and lower investments in information technology (IT) infrastructure. Organizations don’t need to invest as strongly in their own data centers or heavy-duty office hardware. When choosing a cloud-based maintenance solution, organizations avoid the heavy upfront investment costs that come with an on-premise software solution.

The cloud offers maintenance teams with a route to get the software they need to reduce their spend, at a fraction of the cost previously available.

2. Greater access to necessary/critical information: Cloud-based maintenance solutions can be accessed through a web browser or app. Maintenance technicians can access all relevant information anywhere they have access to the internet. Maintenance can be planned, scheduled, monitored, adjusted and more, all from a web browser. In combination with a mobile solution, technicians can access critical asset information right from their job site, as well as review up-to-date manuals and logs in real-time. Inventory and spare parts can be more easily monitored and ordered. All of which reduces asset downtime and increases technician wrench time.

3. Improved data management and analysis: One of the main goals for every maintenance organization is increased machine uptime. By better maintaining your machines, you hope for them to breakdown less frequently. Maintenance cloud solutions can not only reduce costs and provide great access to information, but they can also improve the management of data and analysis.

When machines are equipped with sensors, maintenance teams can gather more accurate asset health information. With a maintenance cloud solution, maintenance technicians cab be alerted of a problem before a breakdown occurs. Data can be better filtered into meaningful information and used to move maintenance practices from reactive to predictive.

4. Elimination of time-consuming updates: How and on what tasks maintenance organizations’ time is spent is critical to the overall success of a business. Too much time spent on administrative tasks can be damaging to an organization’s production and financial goals. Software updates can be time-consuming tasks for an organization.

Cloud-based maintenance solutions eliminate the need for these time-consuming updates. Cloud providers maintain the servers and applicable software and release updates without users needing to take action.

Looking Forward…

You can definitely realize certain benefits by moving to the cloud, but successful cloud implementations rely on careful planning. Check out “Cloud for Maintenance: 5 Areas to Consider Before Getting Started” for VIZIYA’s detailed guide that highlights some of the most important things to examine before moving to the cloud.

The world is quickly moving towards embracing the cloud for their every need. As maintenance organizations look for new methods to better their maintenance processes, cloud-based solutions should be considered.

Many companies are beginning to transition to the Cloud, especially since some of the major ERP providers, such as Oracle and SAP, are migrating their products the Cloud. To learn more about how VIZIYA is supporting this transition click here.


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