In Praise of Maintenance

Posted under Blog by Brad Clark, Manager, Biz Dev & Sales Ops

At VIZIYA, we strive to help support maintenance teams with their daily efforts or to help improve how maintenance and asset management are executed at their organization.

We do this because we understand, and believe in, the value and impact of maintenance done well.

Unfortunately, maintenance teams often experience frustration in their daily work or personal lives of people who don’t value or understand their work in the same way they do.

The good news is more people are beginning to see and understand the need, value, and even nobility of maintenance work, including the authors of the #1 New York Times Best Seller Freakonomics; and they’re discussing it in new and engaging ways.

As such, we wanted to take the opportunity to share a Podcast they did that was rebroadcasted on June 20, 2018 called ‘In Praise of Maintenance’ where they explore the question,

Has our culture’s obsession with innovation led us to neglect the fact that things also need to be taken care of?”

From looking at the history of maintenance done right in early Rome:

“Rome understood that engineering and infrastructure was a huge part of making its city function”

To hear the perspective of former Harvard President and U.S Treasury Secretary on the impact of neglected maintenance in the United States:

“We pay the equivalent of 40 cents a gallon in gasoline taxes for extra repairs due to the fact that we are not maintaining our highways right”

We think and hope you agree it’s well worth the 40 minutes to listen to.

(There is also a full transcript of the show in the same link if you’d prefer to read it.)

If you’re like many of our customers, demonstrating the value of particular processes or maintenance as a whole discipline can be a challenge. We hope listening to this podcast encourages you that it’s a challenge worth accepting.

We regularly work with our current and prospective customers to provide them with ideas, tools, and resources to help demonstrate the value of their efforts, but we’d love to hear from you on how you might’ve done this!

Please take a moment to share a quick comment, story, anecdote, or note with your thoughts.

If we receive enough, we’ll compile them (anonymously) for a follow-up piece that hopefully further helps your efforts.

Here again, is a link to the Podcast and below are a few of our favorite lines. We hope you enjoy it!

“As the world becomes more complicated, the infrastructure becomes more complicated, there are more ways that it can potentially go wrong, and maintenance if anything becomes even more important.

“I think that there can be a false dichotomy when it comes to maintenance, which is maintenance is required, clearly, but in order to effectively do maintenance, I think you need to innovate.

“People always think more about how new ground can be broken than they think about how existing institutions can be sustained or existing facilities can be maintained. It leads to a constant trap where we underinvest in old things, then old things disappoint us, then we feel a need for new things, then to satisfy that need for new things we under-invest more in old things, and the cycle goes on.



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