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Why IIoT is Vital to your Maintenance Strategy

During the late 2000’s a growing trend developed in business software where organizations were looking for improved integration between various business systems/processes in order to improve the exchange of data and streamline core business process.

Organizations realized that integrating these so-called best of breed solutions was difficult, unreliable and very expensive to implement and maintain. Ultimately, they realized that the benefit of having these core business modules integrated far outweighed the loss of the perceived best of breed functionality.

Many companies therefore replaced (or are in the process of replacing) these best of breed solutions with integrated solutions (ERP’s) such as SAP, Oracle, JDE, etc.

Presently, there has been a rise in connected consumer products. We are being bombarded in our daily lives with new IoT products. IoT is appearing on television, in our appliances and cars, in the news, on our Linkedin page, etc. IoT is everywhere.

This massive influx of IoT messaging is heightening awareness to the point that executives are asking themselves “If IoT is taking over my home, what should I be doing with it in my business?”. If my washing machine can request a service call automatically and order supplies over the internet then surely our expensive corporate equipment can do more and, if so, how are we leveraging this to the benefit of the company?

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