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Are you Glossing Over Core EAM Weaknesses?

Posted under Blog by Brad Clark, Senior Marketing Specialist

The below graphic from, organizers of last month’s 33rd Annual International Maintenance Conference, was recently posted online regarding what leading IT reports ignore regarding most ’major’ CMMS/EAM systems:

Reliability Web EAM Weaknesses


In the commentary and responses that followed there was agreement and lamenting, across CMMS/EAM system users, of the above current state, as well as agreement on the benefit and impact these abilities in mobility, planning and scheduling, and STO would have.

As to be expected, there was some comments and suggestions on what to do about these issues, which varied from defeatist and doomsday to a few being more hopeful and suggesting alternatives and options. It wasn’t the forum for a detailed look and assessment of what to do, however, which is what we’d like to expand on a bit in this post.

For anyone who knows or follows VIZIYA, it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that we agree with the above issues. In fact, we’ve agreed with it from Day 1, as it was a key reason VIZIYA was started!

For Instance… 

Barrick Gold recognized planning and scheduling as a gap in their EAM system, one that wasn’t being filled despite the need. Although multiple options and solutions were considered, in 2007 Barrick Gold partnered with VIZIYA to develop an integrated ‘bolt-on’ solution, WorkAlign® Scheduler, that added functionality and optimized the planning and scheduling process, all while maintaining one source of truth for data and remaining integrated with the EAM and ERP system. Over 10+ years later and Barrick Gold continues to leverage VIZIYA to fulfill this need in their EAM system! VIZIYA has also responded to the demands of other industry-leading companies to fulfill these needs across every major ERP and EAM system. Since that time we’ve also expanded our product offering to touch every step of the work management process, including purpose-built mobility.

So, if this is the current reality and is for the foreseeable future, what are your options to fill these gaps?

As maintenance people, the below options and process might sound familiar, as it might be similar to the decisions we make with imperfect equipment and systems every day!

From our perspective, every organization with a ‘major’ EAM/CMMS system must choose or is choosing 1 of the following 5 options:

  1. Do Nothing / Raise a White Flag –

Grudgingly accept the issues and status quo. Settle for subpar maintenance execution and management, as well as the culture and frustration that it breeds.

  1. Band-Aid Repair –

Try and fill the gaps with ‘office’ solutions like excel and paper, which aren’t purpose-built or maintenance specific, and are disconnected from your EAM, leaving you and your management never fully trusting the data and the ‘fix’ but making the gaps less noticeable.

  1. Apply Lipstick –

Forget to recognize that maintenance is a process and instead focus on finding a solution that makes your system look prettier and is a “planner pleaser”, thereby making the gaps easier to live with, but without actually fixing the underlying process and functional issues.

  1. Throw It Out / Start Over

Lose sight of the value in the rest of the EAM solution and time and capital investments made in an integrated enterprise and ‘go it alone’ on a new CMMS solution that promises to solve these challenges but that is likely disconnected to the rest of the organization and the ERP system.

  1. Fix and Optimize with a Bolt-On, Integrated Solution

As Paul Hamerman, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research notes, “There’s no ERP system that’s going to do everything a company needs to do.” This is why every major ERP develops and looks to support a strong partner ecosystem. It’s why VIZIYA is a premiere maintenance partner to SAP and Oracle, while also supporting IBM Maximo, Infor, JDEdwards, as well as industry-leading operational infrastructure provider OSIsoft. There is incredible power and benefit to these EAM systems, but none is perfect and without issue. VIZIYA works with you and your EAM provider to make a better, integrated solution that meets your needs.

The VIZIYA WorkAlign® Suite is purpose-built to optimize and enhance your existing EAM system and every step of the Work Management process. From Work Identification to planning, scheduling, executing, analyzing, and optimizing, VIZIYA has products that support best-practice maintenance and world-class execution.

As you begin 2019, the question should not be whether there are gaps or limitations to your EAM/CMMS system, but rather, what can you do about them to make you and your maintenance organization better and who can help?

There is a better way to execute maintenance! Don’t settle, don’t sacrifice, don’t give up, and don’t throw away years of hard work and capital investment, but instead empower your EAM and team and look to a trusted partner to help meet your needs with your existing system.

To learn more or Schedule a Demo with your team on how your current EAM system can be optimized and improved, contact us today!


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