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There are two main types of software dominating the maintenance and asset management realms: Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). When describing maintenance systems, EAM and CMMS are terms often used interchangeably. There is an assumption that these systems complete the same job.

On the surface, these products appear alike in many ways. They are both focused on the needs of the maintenance realm, and generally, they provide similar features like inventory management and asset tracking capabilities. Both solutions have the same goals of maintaining, managing and protecting company assets by streamlining and automating maintenance management, inventory management, work order generation and scheduling.

Although similar in many ways, these systems are fundamentally different.

What is a Computerized Maintenance Management System?

CMMS’s were launched in the 1960s as a technology for managing work orders with punch cards and was developed into computer software in the 1980s.1 Computerized Maintenance Management System’s have since developed to include more features and functionality related to preventive maintenance, asset and inventory management, mobile functionality, etc.

CMMS software packages maintain electronic databases of an organization’s maintenance and operational data. CMMS software is most often used for automating maintenance scheduling, managing company inventory and work orders and maintaining an asset tracking database. These functionalities are meant to improve efficiency and help organizations make more informed maintenance decisions and support regulatory compliance.

What is an Enterprise Asset Management System?

Enterprise Asset Management systems are designed to be a single platform for managing your organization’s enterprise assets. EAM systems focus on the optimal lifecycle management of these physical assets and include functionality for multiple business areas.

EAM systems were developed when network technology gave organizations the ability to link their computer systems across multiple sites.1 EAM systems include maintenance capabilities, while also focusing on the physical assets from an enterprise-wide approach. EAM systems provide a wide range of features to track, manage and analyze asset performance and associated costs through the entire asset lifecycle. The goal of an EAM system is to improve asset health, and in turn decrease costs and maintain or improve production, over time by tracking, managing and maintaining physical assets.

Comparing EAM and CMMS

Many comparisons can be drawn between the features and functionality of EAM and CMMS software. What really distinguishes them, however, is the approach they take to those features and functionalities. CMMS software is focused specifically on maintenance; conversely, EAM systems focus on the physical asset across multiple areas of the business, including maintenance.

Despite the increasing range in capabilities of a CMMS software, the focus on maintenance remains the same. CMMS software is designed to be a dedicated, streamlined tool for specifically managing maintenance operations. There are advantages of a system designed specifically with maintenance in mind. Because CMMS softwares are designed for maintenance, they provide a simple way to manage most aspects of maintenance including work orders, equipment records, and spare parts. The disadvantage of a CMMS also comes with its maintenance focus. CMMS software was not designed to service the asset management needs of an organization. This leaves gaps in the company processes.

EAM systems, on the other hand, are designed to serve every section of an organization that is related to asset management including maintenance, operations, inventory, and more. This results in a single comprehensive source of information for all your physical asset information. EAM systems have functionality for each department to manage the section of the physical asset that is important to them.

How VIZIYA fits in

VIZIYA is a maintenance software company focused on filling the gaps left by CMMS and EAM systems. Our solutions bolt directly on to existing CMMS and EAM systems to increase actionable maintenance functionality including scheduling, warranty management, mobility, analytics, IIoT, and maintenance budgeting, while still ensuring that all your important data remains within your CMMS and EAM system. We read and write data through the APIs, delivering live data. This eliminates the need for a separate database or an integration bridge. Our “one source of truth” design keeps your data where it should be – in your system’s database.

VIZIYA has extensively reviewed the capabilities of multiple CMMS and EAM systems to provide added vital functionality for maintenance teams. The WorkAlign® Product Suite is designed to enhance and digitalize each step of the maintenance workflow. VIZIYA has built the WorkAlign® suite of products to enhance maintenance systems, not replace them. Leverage the capabilities of your native CMMS or EAM, where appropriate, and implement WorkAlign® products when advanced functionality beyond your CMMS or EAM is required.

For more information on how VIZIYA provides out-of-the-box bolt solutions for maintenance, Request a Demo of our WorkAlign® Product Suite now.




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