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Top 5 Benefits of VIZIYA WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker

Posted under Blog by VIZIYA WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker Team

The word warranty often scares people. As consumers, we are prejudiced to believe warranties are a waste of time, and extended warranties are a waste of money. When considering your organization’s physical assets, this belief can cost you a significant amount of money.

Maintenance often fails to track and claim their warranties. A successful warranty claim, however, is one of the easiest ways to contribute hard dollar savings directly to your company’s bottom line and to ensure budget targets are achieved.

VIZIYA WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker is a purpose-built solution for Maintenance that delivers actionable intelligence to track and claim your warrantable repairs without hassle.

  1. Realize Rapid ROI – VIZIYA WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker can be up and running in just a few days. Its easy, out-of-the-box delivery saves money, effort, and speeds the time to ROI. Going live with a single central repository for all warranty terms simplifies ongoing program administration and ensures making warranty claims is easy and effective.
  2. Drive Cost Savings – Every maintenance dollar spent on an item under warranty is a profit dollar wasted. Recover or avoid maintenance costs by ensuring that in-warranty repairs are filed with the vendor for reimbursement. VIZIYA WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker allows you to track warranties at the asset and item level to ensure the maximum return.
  3. Improve Vendor Management – Tracking warranty claims provides valuable vendor data. Capturing historical claims records in WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker improves your leverage when it comes time for vendor negotiation and selection. For example, if your data shows that items from one vendor fail more frequently than other vendors, you may choose to order parts from a different vendor.
  4. Minimal Effort with a Quick Return – VIZIYA WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker allows you to choose which assets and items you choose to track. Monitor only your top offending assets and items to receive the highest return with the lowest effort.
  5. Speed Recovery Time with Automated Claims – VIZIYA WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker automates vendor claims for warrantable repairs. Once the contract details are entered, the system will track warranty statuses, review maintenance work orders against the warranty status, generate claims, and track the claim status. All you have to do is submit the generated claims. Plus, Warranty Tracker’s flexible process flow can be tailored to unique needs.

With these benefits from WorkAlign® Warranty Tracker, there is no reason to leave money on the table anymore.

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