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Top 5 Benefits of VIZIYA WorkAlign® Scheduler

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Maintenance work scheduling is at the heart of any asset maintenance strategy. Few people have as much influence on maintenance and reliability as the planners and schedulers. They are responsible for establishing work priorities and ensuring maintenance workflow is controlled so that asset utilization and uptime can be improved. Managing and controlling workflow with the right resources will reduce maintenance costs, optimize asset utilization/uptime, and mitigate risk.

Your ERP’s planning and scheduling modules may work sufficiently for many sections of your organization, but the maintenance department presents a unique set of requirements not readily available in your standard­­­­ module.

VIZIYA’s WorkAlign® Scheduler was designed from the ground up to arm planners and schedulers with better tools to conduct their job. Unlike other scheduling tools, WorkAlign® Scheduler delivers an unprecedented level of flexibility and intelligence that focuses on asset criticality, urgency, and PM compliance to maximize production uptime and to increase production throughput.

  1. Ease of Use – The intuitive user experience increases user adoption, with very little training. Built-in business process enhancements make it easy to map your current processes and to improve or enforce current business practices.
  2. Transparency between Production and Maintenance – VIZYA WorkAlign® Scheduler provides the transparency and flexibility to prevent maintenance from interrupting or delaying production. We ensure maintenance is not scheduled when a large order is planned to go out on the production side. 
  3. Reduce overall asset downtime – Unexpected asset breakdowns are reduced with the ability to find the most appropriate work for the most appropriate assets at the most opportune time. This, in turn, increases asset uptime which means greater production throughput of your asset.
  4. Increase craftsperson wrench time – Built-in tools prevent poorly planned work orders from entering the field. This prevents wasted technician and planner time.
  5. Visual Heads up Monitoring – The interactive heads-up display allows users to see which technicians and craftspeople are working, when they are working and for how many hours. This ensures proper utilization of resources is maintained.   

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