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Top 5 Benefits of VIZIYA WorkAlign® Mobile

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Asset management by its very nature is a mobile function, since equipment, facilities, and fleets tend to be distributed across one or multiple sites. When given easy access to information throughout the EAM workflow, workers can efficiently capture work order data, materials activities, asset history, and measurements.

Maintenance technicians and engineers should have ready access to data and be able to enter critical information at the drop of a hat. To protect data integrity, workers should be able to perform work and verify records without carrying around paper or returning to desktop computers for data entry.

VIZIYA’s WorkAlign® Mobile delivers robust capabilities and maximizes the utilization of field workers. WorkAlign® Mobile improves the quality and timeliness of maintenance information because there is no lag time associated with data entry. All data is captured at the source, ensuring completeness for compliance reporting. Asset availability is improved due to the timeliness and accuracy of work order notifications and confirmations. Additional features and benefits include:

  1. Ready to Use and Designed for Maintenance – VIZIYA’s WorkAlign® Mobile is designed specifically for the maintenance industry to use out of the box. With WorkAlign® Mobile you will have extensive coverage of and access to critical segments of your EAM system including work management, notification management, inventory management and asset management.
  2. Increase Safety and Efficiency – WorkAlign® Mobile provides quick and easy access from the field to detailed, step-by-step instructions, drawings, and asset history. This enhances the safety and efficiency of maintenance processes as well as the overall manufacturing operation.
  3. Improved Maintenance Planning – The ability to create and plan a work order at the point of failure provides improved data and in turn, enhances the efficiency and accuracy of your planning processes. Adding images to work orders while they are being planned increases the amount of information the maintenance technician has when they get to the job site.
  4. Optimized WorkForce – With VIZIYA WorkAlign® Mobile, technicians can easily perform all their necessary eAM data entry directly from their mobile device, saving them time and providing them with critical information at the point of execution. Providing users with a powerful and easy to use mobile application for maintenance will increase data accuracy as well as provide critical tools to make your maintenance team more connected.
  5. Improved Supply Chain – Connecting the maintenance team seamlessly with inventory personnel immediately provides increased visibility into where kitted parts reside and help reduce lost inventory while increasing the availability of parts for emergency or corrective work. Reduce the amount of time maintenance technicians spend waiting for parts by increasing the communication between the inventory storeroom and the maintenance team.

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