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Top 5 Benefits of VIZIYA WorkAlign® IIoT

Posted under Blog by VIZIYA WorkAlign® IIoT Team

The core focus in an IIoT deployment, in the majority of organizations, is operational efficiency and cost optimization. Maintenance organizations worldwide are responsible for ensuring company assets are running at peak performance to meet production requirements. Many of these assets are equipped with sensors that capture reams of generated data. The sheer volume of this data creates organizational challenges.

VIZIYA’s WorkAlign® IIoT is a powerful, robust solution that allows companies to maximize on collected sensor data by connecting your data historian to your CMMS. VIZIYA’s IIoT solution triggers the creation of a work order when sensor data reaches a threshold. This work order is immediately sent directly to your maintenance team.

Take the following scenario for example; there is a bearing on one of your assets that is at constant risk for overheating. If it overheats, your asset will fail, your production line will go down and you will lose time and money. To prevent this, you are sending an inspector to check the bearing temperature every 12 hours and repair it when needed. Despite this, the bearing still overheats occasionally and your company loses valuable production time and money. Now imagine that you had a system that instantaneously alerted your maintenance team when the bearing temperature began to rise, or reached a certain threshold and they could respond immediately to fix the problem before the asset failed, thereby saving your company from unexpected downtime. This is what the VIZIYA WorkAlign® IIoT solution can do for you. Additional features of the VIZIYA WorkAlign® IIoT solution include:

  1. Integrated DashboardsIntegrated dashboards connect reliability and maintenance teams with valuable insight on the status of their assets in one centralized location. Dashboards pulls data from both your data historian and your CMMS where aggregated status indicators provide immediate insight into the status of the entire plan or company
  2. Two-way IntegrationTwo-way integration keeps both systems updated with vital maintenance and reliability data that can be utilized for advanced analytics. Create records in your CMMS system and write information back into your reliability system, such as a new work order number.
  3. Templated CMMSTemplated CMMS actions make it easy for a front-end user to manage your integration, create workflow actions and pass data between systems.
  4. Maintenance Status /Down for Maintenance Workflows can be built to make decisions based on various conditions by utilizing both event and CMMS system data. The Down for Maintenance status indicator prevents workflows from being initiated when the asset is down for planned maintenance.
  5. Escalating Workflows Escalating Workflows make sure you never create a duplicate work order or object in your CMMS. For example, assume a work order is generated when a temperature value hits 50 degrees.  When the temperature hits 100 degrees, the system will update the existing work order to an emergency rather than create a new work order.

With the VIZIYA WorkAlign® IIoT Solution, your company can become a more predictive maintenance organization and ultimately save money.  To learn more or to Request a Demo, click here or visit the product page for more info.



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