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Top 5 Benefits of VIZIYA WorkAlign® Analytics

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Developing quick and intuitive maintenance analytics is challenging. It takes time, resources and expertise to develop informative dashboards and reports. The VIZIYA WorkAlign® Analytics solution was designed to reduce the challenges that come with developing quick and intuitive maintenance reports and to prevent key improvement metrics from being overlooked or missed. It simplifies the task by delivering hundreds of ready-to-use data analytics for all of the major EAM systems, including SAP PM, Oracle eAM, JDE CAM, PeopleSoft PM, IBM Maximo, and Indus EMPAC.

Knowledge paves the path to continuous improvement. VIZIYA WorkAlign® Analytics provides you with the knowledge and actionable data out-of-the-box to drive improvement in uptime, schedule compliance, backlog, craft utilization, and overtime. Analytics supports multi-platform and multi-instance environments, providing the flexibility to report at the site or corporate level. This unified view affords companies that need enterprise-wide actionable intelligence the ability to spend time planning and improving asset utilization rather than creating reports. Additional benefits include:

  1. Ready to Use and Designed for Maintenance – VIZIYA’s WorkAlign® Analytics is designed specifically for the maintenance industry to use out-of-the-box. With WorkAlign® Analytics you can extend your EAM’s reporting capabilities and jump start your reporting initiatives with hundreds of ready-to-use reports and dashboards.
  2. Easily configurable – WorkAlign® Analytics allows you to easily configure your analytics for each site and have the system reconcile any differences in broader or enterprise-wide views. Users can tailor their business intelligence on demand with filters, groupings and sort sequences, and drill down to the fine data details to troubleshoot root causes of failure.
  3. Improve Budget Performance – The Asset Rollup Report allows you to drill into your asset hierarchy and determine the cumulative cost of your assets. You can compare your organization’s forecast versus your real spend, identify assets consuming the most resources and take proactive steps to improve your budget adherence.
  4. Improve Asset Uptime – Utilize VIZIYA WorkAlign® Analytics to identify your most needy assets with critical cost areas. Use the results to update and improve your maintenance processes and prevent unplanned downtime.
  5. Improve Craft Utilization – Identify problem areas and update processes with the ability to capture and compare resource work hours versus theoretical maximums and planned resource requirements versus actual charged hours.

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