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Asset Criticality – not just a Reliability Tool

Asset criticality has the potential to improve business decisions across the maintenance flow. In a perfect world, maintenance planners have a finite and known set of work to plan and sufficient personnel and parts ready to allocate.

In reality, most planners work at a frenzied pace to prioritize and make sense of all the work at hand as well as the imminent, inevitable surprises.

The easiest way to streamline this task is by focusing attention on the most critical assets. This strategy is well understood to improve maintenance efficiency and effectiveness.

Categorizing assets by importance allows planners and schedulers to better understand the priorities, direct their efforts for maximum effect, and block out the “noise” and squeaky wheels that disrupt the plan.

It minimizes the frenzied activity to repair equipment that breaks down and improves equipment availability and reliability, which in turn drives down variability in the plant’s output.


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