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New Cloud, STO products in the spotlight at VIZIYA APAC User Group 2019

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December 2, 2019

VIZIYA’s APAC User Group 2019 also showcased site snapshots, best practice tips

Held in Brisbane, Australia from November 19 to 20, this event offered attendees unbeatable networking opportunities with other maintenance professionals, asset management experts, and VIZIYA executives.

VIZIYA APAC User Group 2019

The VIZIYA APAC User Group 2019 was a smash success, doubling the attendance of last year’s event.


The VIZIYA APAC User Group has just concluded another successful event. Launched in 2018, the annual event brings together planners, schedulers, reliability specialists, and other maintenance stakeholders for two days of top-notch workshops, product training and roadmaps, and “big picture” discussions about the present and future state of maintenance.

The VIZIYA APAC User Group puts the focus on hands-on education, giving attendees tips and techniques they can put into practice right away. The goal is to ensure that delegates come away with stronger product knowledge and actionable information they can use to drive performance improvements.

There’s no question that the event has proved popular with VIZIYA’s customers. Attendance at this year’s event was double that seen in 2018, and there are signs that it will continue to grow in coming years. 

The first day of the 2019 User Group kicked off with a short address by Ben Cronin, Regional Director for VIZIYA APAC. Cronin stayed at the podium for VIZIYA 2020, a presentation highlighting the company’s activities in 2019 and its roadmap for the next year.  

Paul Lupinacci, VP of Development & Services at VIZIYA, was next to take the stage. Lupinacci detailed recent releases and key updates, upcoming product features and overall strategies for VIZIYA’s entire WorkAlign Suite.

Site Snapshots

Also included in the morning session were two “Site Snapshots.” During these sessions, WorkAlign users provided profiles of their operations and shared relevant projects, challenges, and advice with fellow users.

Each of the sites attending the event prepared one of these snapshots. It also provided the presenters an opportunity to leverage the combined experience of everyone in the room by bringing their “burning questions” to the group, whether that was a question about software, processes, or human resources. This encouraged fantastic collaboration on solutions, with advice based on the diversity of skills and capabilities in the room.

“Feedback on this has been consistently, overwhelmingly positive,” says Nina Owen, APAC Marketing for VIZIYA. “Users were delighted to discover that they shared the same problems as others in the room – and to have the opportunity to discover ways others had addressed these issues.”

The morning session also included Pieter Els, Director of Oracle’s Cloud Application Development, discussing Oracle’s strategy for asset and maintenance management, as well as a session on WorkAlign Scheduler best practice tips, led by Paul Lupinacci and Vikesh Dayaram, VIZIYA’s Technical Director for the APAC Region.

Rounding out the morning session was a presentation on the Asset Management Review Process. Presented by Asset Performance Solutions (APS), it showed attendees what a good review process entails, and how it can assist with prioritization, alignment of systems and process, and continuous improvement initiatives.

Mobile Best Practice

The afternoon session included several more Site Snapshots, as well as Going Mobile – Best Practice Tips & Utilisation, which looked at the massive efficiencies that can be gained in the maintenance workflow by using a mobile interface, and Collaboration Session: One Scheduler from VIZIYA, where attendees discussed the VIZIYA vision for One Scheduler: a set of software tools that seamlessly integrate systems and people to optimize asset management processes from end-to-end.

Also included was a presentation dedicated to an upcoming new product from VIZIYA: WorkAlign STO. Presented by Paul Lupinacci, the discussion centred around the capabilities of the new product to plan and execute facility shutdowns, offering unrivalled visibility and control. WorkAlign STO proved to be a hot topic for discussion throughout the remainder of the event.

The first day of the event wrapped with a special conference dinner at Wunderbar.

Announcing WorkAlign Cloud

The second day of the VIZIYA APAC User Group kicked off with the announcement of another new product: WorkAlign Cloud. WorkAlign Cloud offers seamless functionality (as opposed to applications) to optimize the entire asset management and maintenance workflow. The presentation also presented information on the built-in community that is part of the product, allowing users to meet, collaborate, and share best practices.

Vikesh Dayaram then stepped up to the podium for Preparing Your S4 Hana Upgrade: What to Consider. Dayaram led attendees through a checklist of items critical to preparing for S4, including technical, resource, and business factors.

The day also included two sessions dedicated to best practice tips for three of VIZIYA’s products: WorkAlign Analytics, WorkAlign Maintenance Budgeting, and WorkAlign Warranty Tracker.

Attendees were given a quick course on how the inbuilt KPIs in WorkAlign Analytics can be configured to improve decision-making and performance management. Paul Lupinacci covered the Budgeting and Warranty sections, demonstrating how Zero-Based Budgeting practice can assist with improved cost management and forecasting, and how an effective Warranty Claims toolkit can gain returns of up to 5% on maintenance spend.

In the same vein, users also had the opportunity to see the exciting new enhancements to the Budgeting application that VIZIYA is current developing with South32, and the brand-new Warranty management features currently being implemented at integrated energy and chemical company SASOL.

Finally, attendees were given an inside view of WorkAlign Customer Support and the VIZION development group. During these sessions, users discovered how items are prioritized for the product roadmap, and how to have their own enhancement requests logged and escalated.

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