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Why Analytics are Vital to your Maintenance Strategy

Many maintenance strategies are focused on reducing downtime, optimizing output, managing costs, and maximizing resources.  In order to achieve any of these, there are a number of different variables that need to be tracked and analyzed at any given time in order to provide insightful outputs to help drive decision making within the organization. 

Unless an organization can identify where inefficiencies lie, it will be very difficult to understand how to improve current processes. Identifying these inefficiencies can prove quite difficult however as most companies have thousands, if not millions of data points to sift through. 

Once an inefficiency has been identified, it needs to be made known to the appropriate party to ensure that it will be acted on.  The majority of companies have figured out how to gather data, but many still struggle with what to with that data – in other words – how to make the data actionable to advance their business strategy, or in this case, their Maintenance Strategy.

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