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6 Reasons Your Company Needs an Oracle eAM Consultant

Posted under Blog by Wes Holmes, Vice President – Oracle Services

Your Oracle ERP system is the engine that powers your employees to achieve your company’s business objectives.  Since your Oracle ERP system is such an important enabler, considerable time and attention should be devoted to maintaining, improving, and optimizing it.

Even with the initial investment, the prudent planning, and the hard work associated with implementing your ERP system, implementation projects continue to be viewed less than positively by both management and the user community. 

At Viziya we often see companies concerned with one or more of the following 6 issues in relation to their implementation:

  1. My resources are being consumed by the implementation It’s difficult to participate in a project while simultaneously handling the responsibilities of a daily job. Often people will be tasked with improving the system without being given sufficient time or resources to do the work.  
  2. The implementation has brought some business process inconsistencies to lightImplementing an integrated, process-driven ERP solution with work flows that join different departments often highlights inconsistencies in business process objectives and metrics.
  3. Departments have differing needsTypically each department is focused on its’ role in the business. Optimizing low level business process to the detriment of overall business objectives becomes an issue when focus on the overall process is lost.  Aligning departmental needs to enterprise needs can be politically challenging. 
  4. Inadequate MetricsMonitoring how different groups are performing against business objectives requires quality information. Raw data, created by your ERP, is very hard to transform into information, especially in this era of ‘big data’. When this raw data is transformed into misleading or incomplete information, it makes the metrics used by management untrustworthy and inadequate.
  5. Inadequate Training New personnel, promotions, and resources moving between departments often do not receive the appropriate training on the Oracle applications. Without proper training, people will follow the wrong process with the right intent.
  6. Oracle provides a comprehensive and capable enterprise solution, but sometimes it’s too much Oracle is designed to meet the needs of many companies across a variety of industries. However, these capabilities might not always be reflective of your organization’s needs and many organizations become overwhelmed by the vast capabilities of their system.  

If your organization is experiencing one or more of these issues, it might be time to look for professional consulting assistance.  Bringing in an experienced third party, like VIZIYA Global’s consulting team, can help re-energize your user experience by optimizing your system.

Viziya team members have decades of experience.  We bring knowledge, experience, and an unmatched toolset to the table.  We are a proven partner in the market for Oracle implementations.  Our services, which include System Implementations, Consulting, Training, Custom Development and Staffing, can help to resolve all the above issues, and more. We specialize in maximizing the ROI from your Oracle system.

Check out our eAM Health Check for more information on common challenges you may face with Oracle.


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