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Our friends at Barrick Gold collaborated with us to develop the initial WorkAlign Scheduler over 7 years ago. Our focus has always been on asset criticality, urgency, and PM Compliance and enhancing each step of the planning and scheduling work process – not just allocating resources. Seven years later the product reflects all of our customers’ input with the right functionality to control the maintenance work process. 


  • Oracle Gold Partner
  • Schedule to any shift, crew or resource
  • View pre-built real-time KPIs
  • Multi-ERP | Multi-CMMS | Multi-Instance
  • 2 Click Scheduling
  • Drag and Drop Functionality

WorkAlign Scheduler meets the universal scheduling needs of maintenance organizations. It provides a level of simplicity to the planning and scheduling of maintenance activities via an intuitive user interface, while processing live data through your existing Oracle eAM database. WorkAlign Scheduler is a completely web-based application that automates the everyday business processes involved in selecting and assigning work orders and associated resources. Sequential, process-oriented, easy-to-use modules guide the user through the entire scheduling process, from work order planning, selection and scheduling to work completion. It combines work order quality assessments with sophisticated scheduling functionality so you can organize, prioritize, and assign work that can then be executed in a timely and efficient manner. WorkAlign Scheduler accesses your Oracle work order backlog and uses powerful filters to allow the users to:

  • Quickly and efficiently sort and select the work to be scheduled
  • Easily schedule work orders at any level in the work order hierarchy
  • Rapidly schedule work orders to any day, shift, crew, and/or resource type
  • Seamlessly move work orders from one schedule to the next, or from the backlog into the current weekly or daily schedules
  • Readily access pre-built, real-time KPIs representing best-in-class maintenance metrics and compliance reporting

WorkAlign Scheduler simplifies the complex role of scheduling into three easy steps:

  • Filter and select the records you wish to schedule
  • Modify data elements by adding, editing or deleting directly to Oracle, individually or en masse
  • Post the completed schedule to Oracle

Key features of WorkAlign Scheduler include:

  • Support your EAM work flow by managing crews the way they work best in your environment–by craft, team, or a combination
  • Improve Schedule Compliance by managing resources, including contractors, effectively to the day, shift and/or crew
  • Improve work execution by testing the integrity of your unscheduled work orders
  • Optimize efficiency with Graphical Scheduling  allowing Scheduling to the day, shift and/or crew
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) improve compliance and control
  • Supervisor reports provides visibility & control
  • Manage Security by roles and users using the login credentials of your ERP system
  • Improve job starts with printed work packages or leverage your existing third party solution.  We partner with the leading solutions including STR, Vista, and others.

Work Order Quality Check: This module was designed to improve overall efficiency of planning and scheduling by providing a means to test the health or integrity of work order backlog. Work orders that do not meet a minimum standard of completeness or accuracy can be filtered from the scheduling process, improving overall execution.

Scheduling: The scheduling module is the application’s work horse. Using powerful filters and tools, the “ready” backlog of work orders can be quickly sorted into (a) meaningful subset(s). Scheduling can be performed at any of the “header,” “operation,” or “resource” levels. Scheduling to the day, shift and/or crew is performed in a staged environment, allowing the user to evaluate the impact of their scheduling decisions using real time user-configurable KPIs. Once satisfied with the schedule, it is posted to your ERP system and work schedules are made available to first line staff.

Supervisor Daily Worksheet: The supervisor’s working module. Review crew schedules, reallocate work, add resources, roll work over, or send back for rescheduling in order to balance loads. The supervisor can also search the “ready” backlog for break-in work and the “export” function allows the supervisor to publish crew schedules as needed.

Supervisor Hour Entry: This module allows the supervisor to review and approve time entry allocations from the craftsman. After review, the supervisor can edit, reject or accept submitted hours and post directly to the CMMS.

My Schedule: This is the craftsman module. Typically used for time entry and review of past work performance using the integrated KPIs, time entry is submitted to the supervisor for review and approval prior to posting to the CMMS.

Crew Builder: The Crew Builder module allows grouping of resources from a department into logical working units. Whether you prefer to group by craft or team, the Crew Builder is flexible enough to manage crews the way they work best in your environment.

Availability:  Manage Shifts and Manage Hours: Provides data to accurately measure organization, department and resource loading while planning and scheduling maintenance activity. Typically managed by an administrator to accommodate variations due to illness, shift change, vacations etc. During implementation, crews, shifts, and the relative hours of availability are configured to the end users’ specific environment. The EAM organization calendar, shifts, and departments must be configured, and departmental instances must be present.

KPI Control Center: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are financial and non-financial metrics used to help optimize the efficiency of maintenance activity. Where an established business process is in place, the KPIs provide the necessary feedback to improve overall compliance. This application comes with a number of pre-configured KPIs. These dynamic graphical representations are available where they are most needed, across the top of the planning, scheduling, and supervisory modules.

Security:  Manage Roles, Manage Users and Restrictions: Provides user-level access control through security modules called “manage roles,” “manage users,” and “restrictions.” All ERP users can be configured for access to the application. Login credentials are the same as your ERP system. Access to specific modules is controlled through the use of “roles,” which are then applied to “users.” Where a business process requirement identifies the need for restricted access to certain functionality, the “restrictions” module allows you to define role level functionality within the application.

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