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VIZIYA WorkAlign® Scheduler

Planning & Scheduling is more than just changing dates.


WorkAlign® Scheduler, our flagship product, was initially developed in a collaborative partnership with Barrick Gold over 10 years ago. The solution takes an asset-centric approach to maintenance planning and scheduling to enhance each step in the work management process. WorkAlign Scheduler focuses on asset criticality, using VIZIYA’s patent-pending technology. Our solution eliminates PM work order and scheduling surprises and our PM Forecast process gives you the visibility you need in the future.



  • Enhance each step in your maintenance work process
  • Schedule to any shift, crew or resource
  • View pre-built real-time KPIs
  • Multi-ERP | Multi-CMMS | Multi-Instance
  • Drag and Drop | Snap to Grid | Multi Select | Saved Filters
  • Resource Availability Management
  • Auto – Scheduling
  • Auto – Dependencies

WorkAlign® Scheduler was designed to fill and address gaps in your maintenance system.  Every ERP/CMMS does a great job with the work order creation process – the building of the work order, operation creation, planning labor hours, and item requirements. Once you have a work order, the next logical step is to schedule the work based on your available workforce. If you have 5 hours of work for a mechanic, you need to locate a mechanic who has 5 hours available so you can assign the work.  However, your Scheduling solution should be more than just a pretty picture and changing dates.  

VIZIYA views maintenance scheduling as an entire business process that takes a work order from creation to completion. Each step of the work order’s lifecycle is part of a schedule.

WorkAlign® Scheduler is focused on your assets. The solution helps you create a WPM (Work Priority Matrix) value for each work order. This value is based on your business needs, which helps maintenance schedule the 5 hours of mechanic time that is available to the most important assets.  

Let’s face it – maintenance’s job is to make sure equipment is up and running so production is achieved. With this in mind, WorkAlign® Scheduler shows you the production Work Orders, allowing maintenance to schedule around production.  The solution focuses on asset criticality, urgency, and PM schedule compliance to maximize production uptime and to optimize asset performance.

As we like to say at VIZIYA: Scheduling the right work order, with the right person, at the right time, on the right asset.

WorkAlign® Scheduler has over 55,000 users from companies like Alcoa, Barrick Gold, US Steel, BP and Chevron, working on multi-ERPs, multi-CMMS, and multi-instances.

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By enhancing each step of the maintenance planning and scheduling process, WorkAlign® Scheduler enables organizations to effectively manage their maintenance activities and improve their journey toward continuous improvement. With Scheduler, organizations have the potential to:

  • Improve asset utilization, uptime, and maintenance effectiveness
  • Increase production capacity for the plant and equipment by 1-2%
  • Improve maintenance planning and scheduling efficiency by up to 50%, allowing for more value added initiatives
  • Simplify, accelerate, and automate your scheduling process
  • Increase effective maintenance time and reduce craft idle time by 20-25%
  • Reduce and manage contractor costs, including overtime spend, by 15-20% by maximizing internal resource utilization, without requiring an HR interface
  • Foster one source of the truth
  • Enjoy out-of-the-box interoperability with other VIZIYA WorkAlign products, including Warranty, Maintenance Budgeting and Analytics

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