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Take your OSI Soft PI system mobile with Pocket PI.  Pocket PI brings critical information to the field by allowing PI Administrators and Operators to view and interact with critical events and data from their mobile devices.  Pocket PI is the perfect mobile application for your operators to get the job done.


  • Reduce inspection time and accuracy by creating and executing operator inspections
  • Connect PI Data and ERP data in one place on the mobile device and provide better data to the operators
  • Improve PI Administrator efficacy and react quicker to critical events

VIZIYA’s PocketPi application was designed to address and fill a gap in your OSISoft Pi system. With PocketPi, you can take your OSISoft Pi system with you wherever you go on your mobile device.  

PocketPi is a full featured application that empowers enterprises in real time to transforms their operational data into portable and actionable knowledge. With PocketPi, users can create inspection templates, perform inspections and track progress, calibrate sensors and track when defects occur, track inspection time, and view and interact with OSIsoft PI data on the go.

VIZIYA has partnered with OSISoft, a leader in enabling operational intelligence through sensor-based data.  With hundreds of standard connectors to SCADA, PLC and other business information systems, OSISoft PI is a perfect source for real-time, fault-tolerant data.

Download PocketPi here

  • Create Inspection templates to be done on a recurring basis allowing for better data capture and improved uptime
  • Perform Inspections and calibrate equipment all from a mobile device with accurately captured data
  • View relevant data from both OSIsoft PI and your ERP (Oracle, SAP and Maximo) making your team more efficient
  • Perform OSIsoft PI Admin functions and view AF Elements, Event Frames and more making PI Admins more efficient


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