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VIZIYA partnered with Oracle to develop the WorkAlign Analytics solution which is built on the Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) platform.  We are the leading provider of Oracle Analytics for Maintenance.   Our comprehensive out-of-the-box maintenance reporting solution includes a pre-built catalog of maintenance best practice reports and dashboards.


  • Oracle Gold Partner
  • Multi-ERP |Multi-CMMS | Multi-Instance
  • Hosted in the Cloud | On-premise | Turnkey Appliance
  • Manages ERP transitions while preserving history
  • Extensive pre-built catalog of reports and dashboards

WorkAlign Analytics is a single, consolidated data warehouse for all of your EAM data built on the Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) platform. Data centralization enables visibility at all levels, including corporate, region, site, department, asset, instance, task, and more. WorkAlign Analytics delivers hundreds of ready-to-use reports and dashboards to allow you to jump-start your reporting initiative.

Users can configure reporting for each site and have the system reconcile any differences at the enterprise level. This capability is especially important when sites operate differently. For example, a company may need to consolidate analytics from multiple ERP suites or navigate the transition from one ERP to another. Or, there may be varying local business protocols, like whether a workweek begins on a Sunday or Monday, or different definitions of key business metrics like schedule compliance definitions.

Configurable extract, transform, and load (ETL) capabilities and drag-and-drop reporting let you avoid the complexities, costs, and risks of custom or hard coded reports. Users can tailor their business intelligence on demand with filters, groupings and sort sequences, and drill down to the fine data details to troubleshoot root causes.

WorkAlign Analytics has a modular architecture that can grow with your business. Its flexible, fixed-bid deployment options suit any corporate infrastructure:

  • As a fully managed cloud service
  • As a turnkey appliance fully configured by VIZIYA
  • On-premise solution

Oracle Business Intelligence Features:

  • Data can be cultivated from multiple sources into a single solution, whether an ERP or production system or a simple XML file or spreadsheet.
  • The Oracle BI Administration tool allows for multi-user development of the meta layer, giving your organization the power to extend your Analytics solution as your business grows.
  • An easy-to-use interface allows users to create new Answers and Dashboards easily, without extensive technical skills.
  • The combination of VIZIYA WorkAlign Analytics and Oracle Business Intelligence provides a gateway to your maintenance data across the enterprise.

VIZIYA WorkAlign Analytics Features:

  • The robust repository built for maintenance reporting is delivered ready to use, with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards built to meet maintenance organization needs.
  • Our maintenance data warehouse is designed specifically for maintenance data coming from multiple ERP solutions.
  • Pre-built data transfer (ETL) mappings eliminate the effort of finding the source of your data and mapping it accurately to the data warehouse.
  • Reporting features include filters and drill-downs; comparisons by period such as previous month, quarter or year; and custom views by functionality allowing users to dynamically change the result set of certain reports. These custom reports can also be added to your own Dashboards.
  • External applications such as VIZIYA WorkAlign Scheduler, Warranty Trackers, and Maintenance Budgeting can link directly to the Dashboards to provide real-time performance indicators.


Screen shot of VIZIYA's WorkAlign Analytics for SAP, cost overviewVIZIYA Analytics - Planning and Scheduling OverviewVIZIYA Analytics - Work Request Analysis

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