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VIZIYA WorkAlign® Analytics

The most powerful change agent.


WorkAlign® Analytics is a complete maintenance BI solution that will transform the way you look at your EAM data. Hundreds of reports and analytics give you complete insight into your organization’s performance. A unified maintenance data warehouse allows large organizations running different ERP solutions to have a single business intelligence solution, while also streamlining the overall maintenance process and company reporting.



  • Multi-ERP | Multi-CMMS | Multi-Instance
  • Hosted in the Cloud | On-premise | Turnkey Appliance
  • Manages ERP transitions while preserving history
  • Pre-built catalog of reports and dashboards
  • Easy to build ad-hoc reports with hundreds of dimensions

WorkAlign Analytics is a comprehensive out-of-the-box maintenance reporting solution. Our solution supports all major CMMS, multi-ERPs, and multi-instances, providing the flexibility to report at the site or corporate level.

Jump-start your analytics initiative with a pre-built catalog of reports and dashboards. WorkAlign Analytics is also the best in the market ad-hoc reporting solution for maintenance analytics, allowing you to make use of hundreds of pre-built dimensions and facts. These two attributes will save your organization countless hours and consulting expense. This means you can dedicate more time where it is needed most – improving asset performance, reliability, and uptime.

The WorkAlign Analytics data warehouse allows input from various ERP solutions and includes mapped EAM data fields from all the major systems. For organizations running multiple ERP solutions, this eliminates the need to have different analytics solutions for each. This same design can significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required to migrate from one ERP solution to another. Simply load the historical data into the data warehouse and have seamless access to both your legacy data and new EAM data.

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WorkAlign Analytics can drive a number of benefits:

  • Save significant money, time, and effort compared to the traditional consulting approach to developing reports.
  • Utilize hundreds of reports that are “out of the box” and “ready to go.”
  • Access key analytics at once and add more as the need arises.
  • Fine tune asset performance with the help of extensive pre-built report and dashboards.
  • Enjoy a shared corporate solution via web-based reporting.
  • Gain efficiencies from the optimized repository with a simplified and consolidated schema.
  • Empower your user base to add, modify, and customize standard reports with ease.
  • Map to multiple data sources, including applications, relational databases and OLAP servers, or access your data warehouse directly.
  • Save time and money with a quick installation. Spend your time personalizing the reports for your company.
  • Save time and money on data migrations when moving from one ERP to another.
  • Reduce the time required to provide maintenance personnel with the information they need.
  • Reduce the amount of time and effort required by your IT resources to produce day-to-day maintenance reports and any additional analysis required by your maintenance organization.
  • Dedicate more time to planning and improving asset performance rather than creating reports.

Global maintenance KPIs have been initiated for the first time.  – Potash

With Hosted Analytics, Premier Coal is now able to view weekly and monthly reports. Maintenance has improved the financial accuracy of cost reporting and their reports are now used monthly by accounting. More importantly, the standard cost reports have enabled the maintenance department to justify their budget requests.

By starting with a hosted solution, we were able to immediately satisfy reporting needs and introduce users to the benefits of business intelligence reporting. – Major Oil & Gas Company

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Analytics works “out of the box” with any of the following platforms in multiple languages…

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