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VIZIYA is a maintenance optimization software [mos] company that focuses on improving each step of the work management process.  We believe that maintenance, when executed properly, can help drive cost savings, productivity, uptime, and reliability.  Our products were built with the entire maintenance process in mind.


Sign up now and take VIZIYA’s self-paced online training course for Scheduler (Oracle eAM). This interactive online course will give you added skills in using VIZIYA’s Scheduler program, and complements our on-site training. The course has six (6) modules with easy-to-follow, instructional videos, followed by an online quiz.

Note: you need to be a VIZIYA customer to access the course.


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The course is available for
$499 USD. 

The course takes three (3) hours to complete. You can do it at your own pace. You have two weeks to complete it. 
Once complete, you will receive a certificate.

Want to train your team? Contact our Customer Adoption team – let us set this up for you.

Course Overview
Module 1: Work Orders
Learn about the life cycle of a work order.
Module 2: Common Functionalities
Learn about filters and columns manager, editing work orders, material shortages and requirements, adding and editing text attachments and KPIs.
Module 3: Planning
Learn core functionality and best practices for the work order quality check and rules, crew building, shift templates and available hours. 
Module 4: Scheduling
Learn about quick scheduling and how that works with the work order, resource, operation and instance tabs.
Module 5: Work in Progress
Learn about flags, indicators, operation, work order, resource and instance tabs in the supervisor’s work sheet.
Module 6: Completion
Learn how to complete or un-complete operation work orders, review meter readings, failure analysis information and quality plans.
Module 7: Certification Test

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