We understand the business of maintenance. Our products are designed from the ground up to focus on the one primary goal: production equipment uptime. A successful solution must focus on maximizing the uptime of the production assets, as well as providing a simple, easy-to-use interface.

— John Vujicic, President and CEO, VIZIYA Corporation

VIZIYA Corp and Nobelium Tech Corp to Join Forces for Continued Growth and Profitability

October 31, 2016 – The company is excited to announce that VIZIYA Corporation and Nobelium Tech Corp., a Canadian publicly-traded Capital Pool Company, have both agreed and signed a letter of intent where Nobelium will acquire all shares of VIZIYA Corp. in the first quarter of 2017.Once approved, this transaction will make VIZIYA part of a publicly-traded company. As the finalization of the transaction is subject to the rules and regulations required by the TSX Venture Exchange, details cannot currently be discussed.

Says John Vujicic, President and CEO of VIZIYA Corp.: “The executive team and staff at VIZIYA are excited about this announcement. We are pleased to be working with the management team and board of directors at Nobelium Tech Corp.”

He adds: “This announcement is great news for VIZIYA, our staff and our customers. VIZIYA has enjoyed substantial growth and profitibility, and this partnership with Nobelium will give us the access to capital ensuring that VIZIYA will continue to grow in the years to come. I want to personally assure our customers that our commitment is to supporting your needs, and giving you the high level of personal service you are accustomed to, both now and in the future. The VIZIYA team will stay the same, as will our company strategy.”

“Nobelium is a platform that is seeking to own and acquire a growing collection of high quality profitable Software as a Service businesses, IT services and provisioning businesses and businesses with recurring revenue models solving specific vertical/industry needs.”

“We are proud to have VIZIYA be our first platform acquisition” stated John Varghese, Chairman and CEO of Nobelium.  “In addition to purchasing VIZIYA, I look forward to working with John Vujicic as he joins the Nobelium board as part of this transaction.”

Full press releases will be sent out by both Nobelium and VIZIYA on the successful completion of the transaction.


You may have questions regarding this transaction. Please see below for details:

Question: I heard that VIZIYA has been purchased by another company?

Answer: VIZIYA has entered into a letter of intent with Nobelium, a public company and acquirer of vertical market companies focused on Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. This acquisition is subject to meeting the rules and regulations that govern publicly-listed companies.

Question: When will the purchase take place?

Answer: If all the regulations are met, and both parties are satisfied, the acquisition will take place in the first quarter of 2017.

Question: Will anything change at VIZIYA?

Answer: It is business as usual at VIZIYA for our customers, potential customers, staff members, partners, vendors and associates.  VIZIYA will continue to provide high level support and best in class maintenance software. What is exciting is that this transaction – once approved – will allow VIZIYA access to capital to further grow as a company, thus ensuring that we will continue to provide the high level of support we are commited to, and to be able to add to our suite of maintenance software solutions.

Question: Will the head office in Hamilton, Ontario be moving?

Answer: No, the head office for VIZIYA is not moving from its location in Hamilton, Ontario. There will also be no change to our team members working around the world in Brussels, Brisbane, Perth, Atlanta, Cape Town, Qatar and Dubai.

Question: What about VIZIYA Global – your consulting and services team? Are they a part of the acquisition?

Anwer: VIZIYA is very proud of the work of our VIZIYA Global services team, and they will continue to be an important part of the VIZIYA family.

Question: Is anyone losing their job at VIZIYA as a result of this announcement?

Answer: No, it is business as usual at VIZIYA. All team members are excited about this announcement and look forward to many more years of working with and meeting the needs of our current and future customers.