VIZIYA Maintenance Summit and User Group Disclaimer

I acknowledge that I am agreeing to the terms of this disclaimer for the VIZIYA Maintenance Summit and User Group (“VIZIYA MSUG”), hosted and organized by VIZIYA Corp. (“VIZIYA”), and will act in a cordial manner while at the VIZIYA MSUG conference and all associated events (the “Event”).

Contact Information Release

VIZIYA will be using a lead retrieval application. Anyone who scans a name badge will have access to the participant’s name, email, company, and job title. I am aware that my contact information and attendance will be shared with the Event’s exhibitors and sponsors. By scanning or otherwise using a lead retrieval application, I hereby acknowledge that I am consenting to the sharing of my personal information with the Event’s exhibitors, sponsors and VIZIYA.

Photo Release

In consideration of participating in the Event, I expressly consent to being filmed, taped, interviewed, photographed, and recorded during and in connection with the Event. I expressly consent and authorize VIZIYA to use the photographs taken during the Event for any purpose, including, without limitation, marketing, publicity, promotions, advertising, educational or other purposes. I understand VIZIYA shall own all intellectual property rights, if any, arising in connection therewith, and I further agree and acknowledge that I shall not receive any royalties or compensation from any such usage. I also agree to waive any right to inspect or approve any recordings or photographs.


By agreeing to this disclaimer, I assume all risks associated with my attendance in all on-and -off site activities that are part of the Event. By registering for this Event, I agree to the fullest extent allowed by law to indemnify, defend and hold harmless VIZIYA, its employees, officers, directors, volunteers, representatives and agents from all loss, damages, costs, expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) or liability arising out of or related to attendance and participation at the Event by me, including without limitation, personal injury (including death) or any damage caused by me or any of your guests to any venue utilized in the Event, or my failure to comply with applicable law or the rules and regulations of the host venue or other venues utilized.

I represent that I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated herein and have been fully informed of my consent, waiver of liability, and release before participating in the Event. I acknowledge that these terms shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Ontario and the federal laws of Canada, as applicable.

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