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WorkAlign Mobile is the most effective way to optimize wrench time, enhance data quality, and improve safety and the overall efficiency of your maintenance work process. The simple, intuitive design makes capturing valuable information straight forward.  Ready access to detailed, step-by-step instructions, drawings, inventory and asset history brings the power of your EAM system into the hands of your workers. Immediate access to critical information allows users to make intelligent decisions anywhere in the plant or out in the field.


  • View critical EAM data including work orders, work requests, materials, assets
  • Connected and disconnected environments
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Single solution for both maintenance and storeroom personnel

Mobility users demand simplicity and stability in their apps so they can do more in less time. Maintenance organizations need solutions that make them more efficient, safe and help them control their costs. WorkAlign Mobile is intuitive and designed using best in class maintenance work flow to significantly increase worker productivity and reduce the administrative burden.  

Maintenance technicians, planners, and materials management personnel have ready access to data and ability to enter critical information throughout their workflow.  With easy access to information, workers can efficiently capture work order data, material activities, asset history and measurements. Clean, simple, role-based screens provide the visibility and functionality required in the field, without all the clutter and complexity of typical ERP-based solutions. Ready access from the field to detailed, step-by-step instructions, drawings, and asset history enhances the safety and efficiency of maintenance processes.


WorkAlign Mobile frees your maintenance team from stationary workstations while increasing their speed, accuracy, and effectiveness. With WorkAlign Mobile, the following significant benefits can be achieved:

  • Maintenance cost savings from greater operational efficiencies
  • Increase wrench time with more job completions
  • Comprehensive work order management and completion processes
  • Electronic data collection, right at the source, eliminating paper-based processes
  • Expedited inspections and meter readings
  • Support for storeroom personnel giving a single solution across the organization
  • Improved and increased data capture for decisions
  • Access to the maintenance system from anywhere
  • Simple to install with short and predictable implementations
  • Proven technology and integration with Oracle
  • Support for devices that maintenance users want – Windows, Apple iOS
  • Support for connected and disconnected operations
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive screens and process flows to match maintenance-specific needs
  • Full integration with VIZIYA’s product suite – Scheduler, Analytics, Warranty Tracker, Maintenance Budgeting, and IIoT
Screen Shot of VIZIYA's WorkAlign Mobile - Oracle Resources


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