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PotashCorp planners are able to take pictures, detail the issues, and save an estimated 30 minutes per work order in the field with VIZIYA Mobile. 


Developed with leading maintenance organizations using Oracle eAM like PotashCorp, WorkAlign Mobile delivers a intuitive, reliable, and full featured out-of-the-box solution for both maintenance and storeroom personnel.



  • Oracle Gold Partner
  • Comprehensive out-of-the-box feature set covering Oracle eAM functionality
  • Immediate access to work order data, materials activities, asset history, measurements
  • Works in connected and disconnected environments
  • Simple and intuitive user interface

WorkAlign Mobile for eAM, built from the ground up by VIZIYA, increases the efficiency of your mobile maintenance workforce. It gives users the freedom to move about the plant and to field sites without distancing themselves from essential maintenance information. It allows comprehensive work, asset, and material tasks to be conducted from any of today’s most popular devices, including iPads, Windows laptops, and ruggedized tablets. Ultimately, it offers a solution to improve work effectiveness, reduce job turnaround and travel time, eliminate paperwork, and generate maintenance cost savings.

The simplified user experience in WorkAlign Mobile for eAM is an intuitive alternative to the typically complex ERP user interface. Easy-to-use menus based on the user’s responsibilities further simplify navigation. The app’s three core modules support the major functional areas of your eAM system: work management, asset management, and materials management. Our approach allows you to be up and running with a first-class mobile solution in a matter of days. The solution is “out of the box and ready to go,” without the typical time-and-materials consulting requirements. Implementations are measured in days or weeks and the solution can be easily configured to meet your unique needs.

WorkAlign Mobile for eAM integrates seamlessly with your existing Oracle eAM maintenance system. Using VIZIYA’s bolt-on technology, transactions are processed and validated using the Oracle’s APIs. The system operates with real-time connectivity as well as in disconnected mode, where transactions are queued until network connectivity is re-established. To provide optimum advantage, WorkAlign Mobile for eAM is fully integrated with VIZIYA’s other eAM bolt-on product offerings – WorkAlign Scheduler, Analytics, and Warranty Tracker.

WorkAlign Mobile for eAM Features & Functions

With deployments at some of the largest and most complex Oracle eAM environments, the WorkAlign Mobile product’s comprehensive feature set meets the needs of the our industry’s most demanding customers.

Improve Asset Availability and Craft Utilization with Mobile Work Management

  • Create, update, process, and complete work orders
  • Assign work to people and instances
  • View, issue, and return parts
  • View and add attachments (including camera images)
  • Enter meter readings, failure information, and quality results • Enter timecards
  • Capture signatures
  • Perform advanced filtering

Increase Craft Utilization with Mobile Asset Management

  • View asset information
  • View failure history
  • View work order history
  • View and filter the entire asset hierarchy • Enter meter readings
  • Perform functions right from the hierarchy

Increase Craft Utilization with Mobile Materials Management

  • Enter purchase order receipts (use any bar code printing system)
  • Perform storeroom transfers
  • Perform item queries (including on-hand availability by storeroom) • Perform parts issues (one-step or two-step)
  • Perform parts returns
  • Enter cycle counts
  • Assign targeted inventory of high-priority items
  • Perform advanced filtering

And many more.  Contact your VIZIYA representative for more details.


Screen Shot of VIZIYA's WorkAlign Mobile - Oracle ResourcesScreen Shot WorkAlign Mobile AM - Add Meter ReadingScreen Shot WorkAlign Mobile AM - Failure HistoryScreen Shot WorkAlign Mobile AM - MetersScreen Shot WorkAlign Mobile - Header with SectionsScreen Shot Inventory Management - Barcode ScannerScreen Shot WorkAlign Mobile - Login ScreenScreen Shot WorkAlign Mobile - DetailsScreen Shot WorkAlign Mobile - Map of AssetsScreen Shot WorkAlign Mobile - Edit Work OrderScreen Shot WorkAlign Mobile - Route Details


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