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Electrical transmission towers. VIZIYA serves the Utilities market.


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We understand the business of maintenance. Our products are designed from the ground up to focus on the one primary goal: Production Equipment Uptime.

— John Vujicic, President, VIZIYA


VIZIYA integrates and partners with all of the leading maintenance systems and work collaboratively with the largest and most sophisticated Utilities maintenance organizations to optimize their asset performance.  VIZIYA is privileged to serve a number of Utility customers like Sask Energy, Sunflower Electric and Big Rivers.

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Amidst volatile fuel costs, fluctuating currency, and environmental pressures, the utility industry is driven to optimize their asset performance while delivering the highest level of service to customers. Enhancing your work management process with data specific reporting is key to improving service and driving profit. Utility companies are unconditionally expected to provide quality service at an affordable cost, while regulators demand total accountability through specific reporting and management data. Utility organizations are all unique in how they manage their assets and their reporting requirements. Our WorkAlign Suite embraces an asset centric methodology that helps utilities control and manage their maintenance workflow. The suite delivers flexible and intelligent solutions that focus on increasing asset performance, managing risks and improving cost.

WorkAlign Scheduler is focused on your assets and enhancing your planning and scheduling maintenance process. Our solution is a completely web-based application that allows dynamic scheduling of resources and crews, overall schedule optimization, and overall efficiency.

The predictive capabilities of VIZIYA’s WorkAlign Analytics tool gives decision makers the ability to visualize the condition of assets, detect potential problems, and prevent disruptions through reports, graphical dashboards and trending analysis. Analytics identifies safety and regulatory compliance issues with “out-of-the-box” reports and dashboards.

WorkAlign Warranty Tracker delivers actionable intelligence to track and claim your warrantable repairs. Fully integrated with your ERP, Warranty Tracker allows you to track warranty and review potential vendor claims for reimbursement.

WorkAlign Mobile delivers robust capabilities and maximizes the utilization of remote workers. With easy access to information throughout the EAM work flow, workers can efficiently capture work order data, materials activities, asset history and readings.

WorkAlign Maintenance Budgeting simplifies asset-based budgeting with real-time views of predicted work orders. Our solution delivers three budget creation options: auto-budget based on forecasted work, zero-based budgeting, or historic actuals plus the option to manage contingency funds.

 Industry RequirementVIZIYA’s Solution
Power generation, distribution, and utility-based operations are crew-based and need to effectively manage and schedule dynamic crews, while tracking labor skills and certificationsScheduler allows Planners and Schedulers to group resources the way they work best in your environment–by craft, team, or a combination. Scheduler tests the readiness of your unscheduled work orders. Work orders that do not meet a minimum standard of completeness are flagged for correction, improving overall execution.
Plan and execute effective Utilities Maintenance strategies to improve mean time between failures (MTBF), reliability, overall productivity, equipment live, and ultimately reduce the total cost of ownershipScheduler lets you easily manage PMs, quickly scheduling multiple PM work orders in a single click.  Additionally, resource loading can be managed – ensuring that important PMs always get the resources they need. Analytics allows you to track the performance of your maintenance program – providing you with pre-configured dashboards and KPIs.
Need for forecasts in three main areas of utilities maintenance planning: short term, outage and long term planning.Scheduler helps you easily manage your work order backlog – managing weekly & monthly schedules, break-in work, and bulk scheduling PM forecasting within the tool allows for long term planning and resource leveling for your PM programmed on scheduled outages.  Schedules can be exported to Project Management tools such as MS Project. Maintenance Budgeting connects directly to your ERP with three budget creation options.
Multiple industry regulations, and ongoing needs to demonstrate regulatory complianceScheduler lets you track workload to ensure timely completion. Paint a clear picture of your organization’s progress against key compliance metrics through configurable reports, KPIs and dashboards.   Mobile provides ready access to detailed, step-by-step instructions, drawings, and asset history and enhances the safety and efficiency of maintenance processes.
Field locationsScheduler lets you easily plan and schedule work on field assets, ensuring that maintenance teams have what they need to get the jobs done quickly and easily.   Analytics lets the maintenance organization easily find what is working, and identify areas to improve.   Mobile maximizes the utilization of remote workers. With easy access to information throughout the EAM work flow, workers can efficiently capture work order data, materials activities, asset history and readings, as well as view and enter maintenance plan results.
Large capital outlays and operating expensesMaintenance Budgeting connects directly to your ERP with three budget creation options. Scheduler focuses on asset criticality, urgency, and PM compliance to maximize production uptime and to optimize asset utilization. Analytics reports allow you to track performance, and easily investigate where your maintenance dollars are being spent. Warranty Tracker allows you to easily track maintenance work orders and generate warranty claim forms to maximize your warranty claims.

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